V50 oil filter housing- retightening/ torquing it up

Moment of stupidity yesterday. Doing an intermediate oil change prior to 1500mile road trip round N Yorks moors, dales & Peaks.
Opened filter housing in a moment’s inattention (wasn’t planning a filter change). OK, never mind. Cleaned housing/O ring & inspected filter. All good (standard 2l sump & 9cm long filter).
Came to tightening central 13mm locking bolt: it doesn’t bottom out & no torque settings mentioned in Guzziology or manual/forums. I can’t remember what happened when I last changed it!
Spanner in pocket & checking it’s tight & oil pressure light is out at every opportunity, but I don’t want to stop the thread or screw the red fibre washer, which was probably single use (Paranoid, moi?)…
Off in 3 days, so all advice gratefully received!
Thx, Matt

“Stop the thread” -Typo: make that “strip the thread.”

I always drop the filter on an oil change even if I’m using the filter again anyway - gets more of the old oil out. At the same time, I’ve never used a torque wrench on it either. It’s a std metric thread with a good length engaged so you’d have to be pretty ham fisted to strip it. I always pull it down ‘just so’.

That’s great to know. Here’s to not covering the .N York moors in 2 litres of Castrol’s finest…