V50 pawl adjusting screw on V50 g'box

I mistakenly removed this screw to clean it up and disturbed the locknut setting in so doing. The g’box is fully assembled. How can the setting of the screw be re-established without dismantling the box?

As in you’ve removed the screw altogether, or just turned it a bit?
As you probably know, it’s an eccentric which sits in the middle of the g/change return spring on the inside of the box. If you’ve removed it entirely I don’t think it will go back without a full strip.

But if you just need to adjust it, it’s relatively straight forward, it basically changes the centre position of the shift. As such one full turn will cover the whole range of movement, Once you get to it and try it - say a quarter turn at a time (and I’d turn in rather than outwards) you should quickly find out what works best. I’ve had to do this in the past and it was a lot easier and more obvious than I’d expected. Hope that helps.