V50 rear tire size

Has anybody fitted a 4 inch rear tire to a V50 instead of the 3.50 fitted, if so is it ok . Any comments would be most welcome.

Check the clearance between the tyre and the o/s of the swinging arm there is not much with the standard tyre a 4inch may not clear it.

When I first got my bike it had a 4.10 on the rear. It handled badly and I had great difficulty removing the wheel. With the tyre deflated had to lay the bike on the side! Great bike to drive with the correct size tyres.

Larger tyres do not always equate with better handling
it just seems to be the look every body wants on their custom bikes
we are not Americans let us rebel and stay with the slim and the lithe
the Italians do have an affinity for motorcycles that handle well on slim tyres, mine included

Couldn’t agree more.

I’m probably running a wider than std rear cover on my mk II. I can check and report back. Handles just fine and dandy as is.

I’d be interested in what you have fitted. I found the larger sizes made the bike hard work to enjoy.

Bit off topic, but my X10 has a smaller wheel on the rear simply so the tyre can be fatter. The tread OD of both tyres is identical. No real practical reason whatsoever just for show.

Sorry - fail. Forgot to look. Try again tonight.

It’s snowing here now so I won’t be in the garage :slight_smile:

Says 100/90 on it - does that sound right?

Yes. It’s the metric equivalent to 3.50. 90/90 is about 3.25.

Ha - so if I did go ‘fat’ at some point then I’m back to std now then. So any other observations I might have expressed here are of very little value. As you were.

Exactly. :unamused:

Thanks for all your comments, i have fitted a Metzler 4.10 x18 rear tire to my v50 had one hell of a job to get it on, very tight on rim of wheel. Have not used bike since i fitted it so i dont know what difference to handling it will make , will let you know when weather warms up a bit.

Thanks for the update. Look forward to your next post.

The Metzler would not bed into the edge of the rim of the wheel giving the effect of a buckled wheel, didnt even tried to ride the bike. Looks as though i have wasted my money. Have now ordered a Michelin City Pro 400x18 that i know should fit with no problem, fingers crossed i will let you know.

I had Metzelers on my bike when I got it. Had to change as the date codes showed the tyres were 10yrs old. Had a struggle getting them off, cut them with a hacksaw in the end. Then fitted Avon!