V50 Speedo Issue

I have now all but finished my V50 however the speedo needle moves about a lot at a steady speed and also appears to be over-reading by a significant amount. I have checked both ends of the speedo cable and all seems well. Any other reason for this? Thanks

both my v50 and v65tt do the same

I gave up after fitting new speedo drive, new cable and brand new speedo to mine. just par for course with veglia stuff… new cable made big improvement to the v50 but not the tt

Thanks for that…I was on a dual carriage way with the needle hovering around 65-70 but it really felt like it was over-reading by about 10mph. Shouldn’t ever get caught speeding!

my monza/v35/v35 hybrid is just the same.

New V65TT has a USA spec 0-80mph speedo, new cable and drive box and is spot on at 30 and 50 compared to satnav. but wobbles 5mph if you go faster, may well be the off road tyres causing wobble

The speedo needle on my V50 II tends to twitch around a bit – not sure if that is a cable issue? I’ve no idea now how old that would be on mine. If anything though, when compared with the sat nav (on level ground) mine tends to under read at higher speeds, maybe by around 3mph or so at a nominal 70 per. Tyre profiles and pressures?

My lil,Breva’s speedo is steady but reads about 6% over throughout the range.
This rises to 10% on a worn rear tyre.
I take my actuall speed from my satnave when fitted.
Strangely my V11 Sport ageed with the calibrated speedo of the nice policeman who stopped me for speeding on the M6 in 2006.
Edited to add-a Venhill cable may improve the needle flutter but won’t affect the optimism of its readout.

Ever had to replace the speedo drive box?

I had one fail on my Targa (18" wheel) and was supplied a new one at Jack Lilley back in the day when they were a Guzzi dealer. It was just before the V-twin and on the ride down there, a mate following on his Targa was struggling to keep up. I couldn’t work out why because I was riding within 5-10mph of the speed limit.

He later said he was having to do >90mph to keep with me.

I soon realised that the drive box I had been sold was for a model with a smaller front wheel (16"?) resulting in my speedo under-reading a fair bit!

The only other big issue I had with clocks was on my V50. I suspected that the Veglia clock was accurate - Something wrong there :smiley: !


there are various different speedo gearbox’s for the small blocks. 16", 18" and 21"

my new V65TT has a 21" wheel and uses a different ratio box as most veglia speedo’s are geared the same.

I found the usa spec speedo’s that go from 0-80MPH much more accurate than the normal 0-1xx types

I have owned more than a few small blocks over the years but only had trouble with one speedo, I would travel 20 miles according to tjhe speedo reading but the trip meter reading would work out at a 16 mile trip!, never did sus out how and why. Cafe Racer are you sure you have the correct speedo drive fitted,? according to a old Moto Mecca price list I have there are 3 different speedo drives listed for the small blocks, all the same price, one for V35/50/65/Florida, one for Imola/Lario/V75 and one for V50 Monza/V65Gt I guess the only different is the ratios in each unit.

Thanks for the replies. I am not sure of the speedo drive being the correct one as it was on the bike when I got it. Will it be stamped with any identifying numbers? The bike is fitted with the standard 18" wheels.

they have a ratio stamped on them, my v65tt says 24/11,

quick search shows :-

 MOTO GUZZI V35 / V50 / V65C / V65 FLORIDA / 750X SPEEDO DRIVE  with 18" wheel are  21/11

Sounds about right. I’ve just put a complete new tacho cable on mine for the exact same reason, it is much better than it was, but needle still wanders about. I still think this is caused by inner cable tightness somewhere, producing ‘spurts’ instead of smooth continuous rotation. It smooths out at higher speeds. I think tightness can be caused by bends, the more acute, or more numerous, the worse the effect, perhaps you could look at the routing of the cable?

Yes, I will have a look whether the routing could straighten the cable out at all.

I shall also have a look at any stamping on the speedo drive too…can’t say I have seen any but then I wasn’t looking.

going on from guzzi-v35’s list my V65sp has a 20/10 speedo drive so there is a wide range of different ratios around, and as he said the V50’s have the 21/11 drive , the ratio is stamped on the outer of the drive so should be a easy read to take.

Had a look at mine and other than it saying ‘Veglia’ at the top of the unit it says ‘Made in Italy’ at the bottom. Cant see any other markings :confused:

The marking might be hard to see but the unit should have a ratio reading on it, here is my 21/11 drive
[URL=http://s260.photobucket.com/user/aaa999777/media/speedo%2020%20May2015.jpg.html][/url] the marking is just by my fingernail

Thanks…no wonder I could not see it…it’s tiny! I shall have someone with better eyes than me take a look.