V50 Speeds in top gear

What speed should my bike be doing at 5000rpm? If my sums are right a V35 should be going at approx, 60mph, a v50 67mph and a Monza 75mph . Anyone with these machines who can say the these are about correct? My bike (a ex police V50) is only doing 50, which seems a bit on the slow side.

Bin a long time so forgot…should be at least 60 tho…some of the police stuff is lower geared I think…

i have a look next time i have my v35 Monza out

80 is 8000 rpm in 4th gear.

Before you worry double check your speedo accuracy, my original speedo was 15mph out at 60…

I’ve heard a lot of complaints on Veglia accuracy, but those on my Guzzis aren’t so bad - when compared to the sat nav, on level ground.

Having said that, the speedo needle on the Veefer can twitch around a little, and can read slow when up in the 70s. The V50 II is quite low geared and I reckon at around 5k I’ll be doing about 65mph or so which ties in with your thinking. The Monza was geared up I believe, and maybe that was carried through into the mk III ?

Just been for a run on mine andÂ

my v35 monza is 4500rpm at 50 on speedo and gps

 im going to change my gearbox for a monza one as sprint acceleration is fun with the low ratio’s but very wearing on a run!

sorry no chapter and verse but Member italianmotor described a low ratio gearbox for Papal or Ducal escort duties, still technically an ex-Police bike.
Maybe the OP has one of those


Now that’s interesting, yes that gearing would make it suitable for escort duties. The bike is painted black and white rarther than the usual blue and white so may be the reason.

v35 and the tt/ntx are very low geared.

my monza powered v35 will out accelerate my mates v7 from 30-90+ in top gear

Monzas run much higher gearing…deffo candidates for a nice set of 32 ml Amals…

Note that the Monza o’s a different primary gear set not a different gear box and final drive, do you only  require the Monza primary set

The final drive casing was updated in 1987 to improve oiling. A larger rear pinion bearing (22mm) was used from frame PG 33558 onwards.Â

All Small Block final drives were 8/31 teeth, 3.875 ratio starting with the V35, V50, V65 & V75 (except the Nevada Classic). All small blocks from Nevada Classic to date use a 8/33, 4.124 final drive.Â

Guzziology does not specifically mention the Polizia V50.Â

Primary reducing Gears:Â
Tooth Ratio ModelsÂ
13/24 1.846 V35, V35II, V35 Florida, V35 Nevada & V35 ImolaÂ
13/23 1.769 V35 Imola, V35 GTÂ
12/24 2.000 V35 III, 350 NTX, & easrly V35TTÂ
12/25 2.000 350 NTX, late 350TTÂ
14/23 1.642 V50, V50III, V50 Custom, V65TT & 650 NTXÂ
15/22 1.466 V50 Monza, V50 Monza II, V75, V65 SP, Custom, GT & FloridaÂ
16/21 1.312 V65 & Florida, 750SP Targa & Nevada, Breva V7 classic etc.Â

i suppose the burning question is can you fit for example a monza primary gears to a v35 box?

Yes, conventional wisdom does say the the change of ratio is achieved by the two input gears. My spares book shows the Police model having a 13/24 set (same as the V35?) even so 50mph at 5000rpm seems quite a large drop. But, and here’s the rub, on splitting the box I find that the standard 14/23 set were fitted (they were even stamped V50). So is the lowering of the overall ratio done somewhere else? Seems unlikely, but who knows? Putting the Monza 15/22 set in would probably help, but I’m not sure that would lift it enough. What next, counting the teeth on the rear bevel? Swapping the complete box? Grasping at straws here. Got A bid on another box so we will see.

Where are you located Jack?


You’re not running with 14" wheels are you?

No, standard 18" wheels.

have you checked your speedo against a gps or other vehicle

I know my v35 is low geared to the point of lifting the front wheel with angry use of the monza engine but will still pull way past 90

“have you checked your speedo against a gps or other vehicle”
Yes, I have had other riders follow me and they confirm that I am doing the speed I think I that I’m doing’

When all else fails, ask a stupid question.
Is the clutch slipping?

If not then blame Mr Dunmore, the presence of such an immense character in nearby Kiddlington is clearly causing a rift in your space time continuum.

PS. I was born in the Churchill so I know about these things :open_mouth: