V50II Ignition Amplifier

Hi, does anyone know if the V50II Ignition Amplifier is still available as a spare part? It is a Bosch unit with the Bosch part number 12-17-28-0034.
If it is not available is it worth converting to the standard points and cam system as used on the V50III? If so what is involved in such a conversion?
Any information will be gratefully received.



I dont think the V50/3 points etc. would work as its set up for a larger amount of fuel going in through bigger valves plus the timing curve may be different


I do believe the end of the cam is different to fit a mechanical advance retard rather than a electronic pick up. New units are no longer available so it is a case of pot luck on a used unit. I’m sure I read the unit is common to another bike so I suggest a bit of google searching to see what you can find.

They are actually normally very reliable and were also fitted to other Italian motorcycles of the era. You should have no problems picking up a used one for not much money - I have a couple in my rainy day stash ‘just in case’.