V50ll Electronic Ignition Set Up

I am trying to set up the standard Bosch electronic ignition on my V50. I have sparks, fuel and it turns over but you can hear that the timing is not quite right and it does not fire. I have followed the instructions in the manual but it gives two different gap clearances for the pick ups, depending on whether you look to the left or the right of the page. The text says 0.2-0.3mm and the diagram says 0.15-0.2. I have set it at 0.2 as a happy medium but this is obviously not right. Could anyone assist with the correct gap? Or am I missing something? I only have two marks on the flywheel, for the two TDCs.

I’d go 0.15. And then, flywheel has 90 teeth, so single tooth covers 4 degrees. Knowing given advance, you can go back from TDC with a screwdriver through inspection hole and make a mark where spark should occur. some 9 and half teeth, as long as I remember. And remember that flywheel can be fitted wrong way, so marks in the inspection hole could appear in wrong place.

Hi thanks for the info. Not sure where you get the 9.5 teeth from, does this mean it has to be timed 38 degrees from TDC?

This was off top of my head - manual says 35deg for V50III and 33 deg for V65. And take a look how is it stamped in my V65

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I understand that the dash is TDC to check valve clearances, then middle sign is static 7deg advance for V65, and top mark is 10deg advance for V35/V50. Full advance mark isn’t visible here.