V50mk 3 front fork oil change

have read the manual on this and after removing the oil, have loosened the top pinch bolt and depressed the suspension but still the plug does not seem to want to move. Am I missing a trick somewhere any help on this would be appreciated

It depends which forks are fitted as some are hydraulic only whereas most are pneumatic/hydraulic, the latter are more complicated especially when the manual is a bit hazy on the subject


The V50 3 should have air hydraulic forks that require 60ml (from memory) of oil as lubrication. Many have been changed so you need to know which ones you have. The air forks have a Schrader valve on the top of the stanchion .

I should have mentioned the quantities as the hydraulic forks have 70cc per leg whereas the oil/pneumatics have 60cc per leg as mentioned by SCM
I also remove the fork legs and invert them to fill them up throthe drain hole saves all thefaffing` of undoing the top plugs this is after they have been allowed to drain for at least 24 hours. Finally once reassembled the air pressures can be checked and adjusted if necessary.


Hi Chris and Steve
Many thanks for your replies
Have attached a pic of my problem which is how do introduce new oil into the forks, I find it difficult to believe I have to remove the speedo cluster and and the light assembly ? their must be another way

This pic says it all

Only the big nut at the top of the stanchion needs to be fully released then depress the suspension which will force the whole internal unit to rise and allow you to fill with oil after first replacing the drain plug :unamused:


Chris Many thanks