V65 gearbox rebuild, whining and sticking between 1&2

Hi, I’m just about to strip the gearbox down and am after some tips. I got the bike a while ago and it intermittently sticks between 1st and 2nd and there is a constant speed whine once in gear, it’s pretty constant as the speed changes. I’ve looked at the parts manual and there are 4 roller bearings in the box itself (on the end of two shafts), There is one in the input to the gearbox from the shaft that goes to the drive box, and one or maybe two that go between the gearbox and engine casing. That makes 6 or 7. I know that changing these probably won’t cure the sticking between 1st and 2nd and I’ll need to have a look around while I’m in there, but any clues appreciated

1 - for the sticking between 1 and 2, what should I look for or change?
2 - the whining, any clues other than the bearings mentioned above
3 - anything else I should do while In there?


Got a feeling all will be revealed once you’re inside, difficult to make guesses ~ for example I can’t understand why the whine would be constant pitch… :question:

had that on my breva
the gearbox runs from the clutch via a reduction gear and the bearing on that had worn due to no oil in the box
you might find a bent or worn selector fork as well
trouble is people never change the gearbox oil they think the engine oil change is enough
check the output shaft bearing and seal for wear/ corrosion
Nigel up at NBS is great with gearboxes, I would be inclined to post it up to him and leave him to do it
save lots of time and learning !

Umm, thanks for the tip. The special tools come to over £100, one of them could be make up, but it’ll be at least £50 for the other. I may get in touch with Nbs, gutsi bits are also looking to see if they have a spare.

Flippin’ 'eck … :open_mouth:

in my case a muppet who serviced it forgot to fill the gearbox with oil ???
mind it got me to Norfolk and back ok
I also owned a BMW R80RT with around 60K on the clock when I purchased it, the seller told me he did all the servicing himself
the gearbox drain plug was corroded solid
I diianed and refilled the box, drive shaft and bevel, and the gearchange improved no end

Ah yes I remember, I think…

it was with the assistance of this Forum that I found out about Nigel and he muttered the words Doable and produced for less than the origional quote a nice running motorcycle, that as well as having its origional fault repaired, had also received some nice upgrades and future proofing
I now trust it and would not worry about riding it all over Europe