V65 Lario cranking not starting

My back aches and I’ve got brain freeze after a day in the garage - need some inspiration!

At the end of the Lario recommission. I’ve tinkered with all sorts of stuff over the winter and now it won’t start. Started fine at the end of the summer. Help me out guys, so this is the story so far

Stole the battery from my V35 as Lario battery dead. Cranks beautifully.

Big sparks, wet plugs. Changed a plug, still nothing.

LHS got a bit warm and nearly went, RHS stone cold.

Drained LHS float bowl - lots of fuel.

Can the points be corroded? I have no experience of a dual points bike.

It’s either ignition or fuel supply right?

Suggestions for next checks appreciated.


Check the RHS too. My Imola two has a fuel tap for each carb. Worth checking both sides are clear. The jets fir up if left to stand. The black plastic dosc shaped carb fuel inlets have mesh filters too.

I’ll make guess at, it’s flooded. Guess how I know.

Too much petrol, won’t want to know. Are you using the “chokes” (enrichers). Or choke plungers not closed. That kind of thing.

Thanks Guys I think you might be on to something…if it’s flooded I’ll be kicking myself! Have to wait until after work now.

Check you are getting a reliable good spark on both sides.
If you do flood it, best cure is turn the fuel off, turn the choke off. Open the throttle wide open and spin the motor over for a good few turns to blow everything through.
Then shut the throttle and try starting it a few more times.
It’s always a good idea to think what you touched last, Have you fiddled with anything like points, timing etc.

Thanks, its not flooding, it nearly goes with both petcocks on and choke on;nothing with choke off. I keep looking at the new fuel pipes but they’re not kinked and there’s half a tank of fuel so should be enough gravity feed. I need to check both plugs for fat sparks and the RHS float bowl for fuel but out of time for tonight… Fuel is old but I’ve never known that to stop a bike starting.
I haven’t touched the points/condensors/timing and it started fine last autumn.
Better charge the battery too

I’ve just noticed this (again):

“I’ve tinkered with all sorts of stuff over the winter and now it won’t start.”

You changed something, now it won’t go?

Sounds like it needs a good clean out of the carbs. Blow out all the jets and poke a bit of fine fuse wire down all thew holes. Start with the air screw at 2 turns out on each side and work from there.

We’ve seen some temp’ swings this winter. Half a tank is the worst for causing a tank to breath and collecting condensation which will sit at the tank bottom. Always, brim or empty a tank when leaving a bike.

all god ideas thanks will report back when it’s sorted. As it’s been substantially tecommissioned over the winter I’d expect teething problems.

if you had the tank off did you get the plug leads mixed up if its not firing and you have a spark and fuel then it points to timing so my first try would be be to swap the plug leads over if its not that check the compression and then double check the timing before you rip it apart

Thar she blows! And what a fruity rasp this bad baby makes!

Can’t tell you what fixed it but it was not fuel - I emptied the tank, got fresh and it still wouldn’t start.

Wasn’t wrong leads on plugs. This is an easy one to get right on these bikes as the coils are right and left of the frame tube and fire the right and left cylinders.

Plugs. Who knows? Might have been, I’ve tried many combinations. In the end I settled on a nice shiny newish one and an old nail of rusty thing from my spare engine - wire brushed and off it went.

I stripped the carbs - clean as a whistle and no gummy mess. But my bit of wire might have cleared something…

Bought some starting fluid to spray in the carbs and think this is what fixed it - the spending of needles money that is. Before I’d used it I gave it a final go and off it went. Even restarted…

It was a lot milder today and I think that helped. Maybe a bit of a recalcitrant starter and needs some encouragement in the cold. Maybe a few things…

Thanks for all the ideas - it helps to have a list to run through

were the plugs NGKs?They don’t like getting wet with fuel,I now use Iridium plugs expensive,but very reliable