V65 Lario valve compressor

Hi All

Does anyone know where I can get a compressor small enough to deal with the size and reach of the valves? I have rebuilt heads but need to put the springs in etc.



I would be interested in hearing what you have put back in your Lario as have recently agreed to buy one of these that has head problems. (Which reminds me, I must pass you over some funds Ray!) Have you put back the original valves, springs etc or gone down one of the alternative routes of Nissan Micra or Suzuki valves?I have a valve compressor that I managed to use on my 125cc Guzzi Stornello along with a deep socket to make it fit the tiny head and valve size if of any use to you.Where abouts are you? I am in south Leicestershire.


I have Honda car valve springs for the inlets and GN250 on the outlets. Heads have been mildly ported too. The bikes in very good condition would post a photo but not sure how to do it.

I’m in Marlow not that far from High Wycombe area, would be interested if you could loan me the compressor. Another Guzzi might get on the workbench instead if I’m not careful!



I’d also be interested in how you fare with this.
When I was working a stationary engine a bit ago I took the heads to an engineers who dropped out the valves and refitted them after I’d had the work done. He declined payment but accepted a box of cakes for the lads
Have you changed the valve springs?
Mine has single springs (rather than the twin concentric as fitted originally)
Have heard of people using later 750 (Florida etc) valve springs to good effect.
Which model Honda are the valves from?
All the best

Compressor is on its way, should be with you Monday. I nearly jumped on the bike and brought it down but have a VMCC run tomorrow so that should satisfy my biking needs for this weekend

Thanks will let you know how I get on! I am tutoring on a conducting course in central London this weekend so wouldn’t have been around anyway, but thanks for the thought!