V65 Rear Suspension

After years of being bounced around on my V65, I took the plunge and bought some 33cms long Hagon rear shocks. The ride is a little better but it still feels very hard and transmits road bumps/holes making for an uncomfortable ride.

The rubber stops on the shocks end up about 2cms front the top, so they’re nearly max’ed out just riding locally. If the springs were much softer (for a more comfortable ride) they’d bottom out.

Perhaps I’m expecting too much from an old bike but after riding a mate’s Honda Transalp I’d really like something a bit more forgiving.

Any thoughts?

Did you specify your weight and requirements with Hagon?
They usually ask for several key details such as this when you order.
I’ve got basic Hagons on the NTX and old school Marzochis on Deb’s Lario. They are both comfortable and firm which seems to be the balance you’re looking for.
Best of luck