V65C Right Cyl misfire

I have been tiding up an old 1983 V65C there is a problem with the right cylinder misfiring so I renewed the points condensers and spark plugs even replaced the inlet gaskets , it starts up just fine but when its running there appears to be an odd misfire in the right cylinder it does not backfire as such but seems to fire in between exhaust and induction strokes.
If I place my hand over the exhaust I can feel the pressure from the misfire I tried changing over the coils to see if there was a faulty coil and if it switched to the left cylinder but the problem remains with the right cylinder.
The baffles in the right exhaust pipe have been damaged and I do think this misfire is probably responsible for said damage.
Anyone able to suggest where else I can check.

Tight tappet ?

Clearances were checked all ok, but I never checked to see if the feet were tight on the shaft hmmm job for tomorrow.

Well I had another go at finding the fault and started with checking the compression 150 on the gauge and in the green so looked elsewhere.
A friend (Fred) came over and started checking other settings on the carbs and moving the mixture screw was having an effect but not curing it so decided to remove and check for dirt and anything else I could find.
I stripped both carbs and removed the slides which was when I spotted a potential problem looking down the carb body where the slide fits I could see where the idling screw screws in and there was an obvious difference in how far they were screwed in so I thought I would measure how far the slides were from the top of the carb using a digital vernier the left hand carb measured 27.40mm from the top of the slide to the top of the carb body and the right hand carb 28.60mm measuring the same section of the carb body. a difference of 1.2mm what a difference it made when both slides were made the same.
I have only myself to blame for the time it has taken to find this fault as I had previously set the carbs using a manometer and it ran ok with both tubes showing at equal heights both on tickover and reving up to 2000, just this annoying misfire that I thought was caused through the ignition how wrong I was .
I thought I would just mention this so if any of you have a mystery misfire that you cant get to the bottom of checking that the slide heights are equal just might be a good place to start.

Good to hear a resolution!