Hi all
New to the forum looking forward to reading all the chit chat
Having owned a couple of Guzzi’s a few years back I am looking to get another.
I have come across a V65SP locally which looks pretty good (Southampton area)…waddya fink ?

Any comments appreciated

Regards John

nice bikes…

Depends what you want to do really.
I really like small block Guzzis and believe them to be underrated.
Which V65 is it?
They can tour 2 up at a steady canter and can outhandle the bigger bikes in the right hands,
Easy to work on and no significant spares issues that I’m aware of.
Best of luck

Thanks for the comments
Steve it is the SP the touring version with the fairing

agree with you but I don’t do the 2 up touring bit (DUED to DEbs hating motorbikes) . My 2 small blocks are fun,fun,fun johnno2014-01-18 13:34:47

I don’t know where this thing about 650s not being up to touring comes from. Going back a few years, as I can, the real big bikes were 750s, and they went anywhere two up. I toured Scandinavia on my Commando, with a mate on a Triumph 350, had no problems. Of course if touring two up can only be done at illegal speeds because you want to do stupid distances in half a day, then I would agree, but is that what touring is about?

Have you seen the chopped one on ebay…!