My friend has a V65SP with the associated lower fairing and requires some rubber pads to rest his knees and provide a little commission against the hard fairing edge. Does anybody know what is used for this these days or whether they are available? I have seen the kneepads for California’s etc which doesn’t seem quite the same as I presume these look over some form of steel plate.



Not sure about the small blocks, but the big block Spada’s have a piece of rubber moulded to shape and fixed to the fairing to act as knee pads.They bolt through the fairing.
See them in this pic

At risk of throwing on cold water, I had the Sprint Fairing copy, no pads so put on 2nd hand Spada ones, but ended up taking the legshields off altogether and swapping for crash bars, much more knee room. This was after the realisation / acceptance that the legshields don’t actually do anything to keep rain & spray off me. Just IMHO.