v7 700 inlet manifolds

Hi Guys, have come to the point of fitting rebuilt carbs on my v7 700 project and have found both manifolds to be the same length, the nearside (furthest back) needs a shorter manifold to fit between cylinder and air filter box. Does anybody have one or give me the size it should be? The manifolds I have are 72mm long, that is to say, when stood on there flange that is the overall height. I could probably cut and weld one of these but need to know to what length, any help would be appreciated. Cheers.

Mine have D and S cast into them, to indicate left and right. Can’t remember which is longer.
I swapped my early ones without vacuum tappings for later ones. I think they are fairly interchangeable between bikes with VHB carburettors.

My personal bugbear - they are not manifolds, as they do not connect several openings into one!

It just means “many and various”. :smiley:

To borrow a line from Benny Hill’s Ernie The Milkman, “But a woman’s needs are manifold, and Sue she married Ted”


I seem to remember the angles are different as well.

Hi Guys, thanks for your replies, have just got manifolds from my shed, (hence tardy reply), there are no signs of stamping but they do have threads for vacume pipe so must be later type, both are identical in every way so am asuming both r/hand as the r/hand carb seems to be in the correct position regarding air filter. The measurment from the rear of the cylinders seem to be roughly 30mm different so am assuming the left manifold has to be 30mm shorter? Just my luck that the only manifold on “the Bay” is a long one (72mm (r/h).