V7 850 brake upgrade

Hi, has any body upgraded the brakes on a v7 850?
Mine are, to put it mildly, poop.
Ive checked the pads and flushed the fluid out with new dot 4 but i need to wrench the lever with all my 2 fingered might to come to a halt.
Wondering if anybody has tried different pads or upgraded something to get more performance from these.
Any help appreciated

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Use 4 fingers? :grinning:

I have a sidecar fitted so could do with some extra. Ergo, I have installed EBC semi-sintered pads. These seem good enough. Previously I had a Ural sidecar outfit and did the same with that, for the same reasons. BTW front disc is also EBC because the bobbins and outer rotor came loose and rattled on the OEM item.

Front pads: EBC FA244, FA244V (semi-sintered)
Rear: EBC FA256, FA256HH (sintered)

Thats great, i think better pas is 2hee i will start , before resorting ti using more fingers!

better pads is where i will start

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Do you know what pads/grades are currently installed?

Are they stock brakes?

Hi Steve … I also experienced the same atrocious wooden feel of both front and rear brakes on my V7II from out of the showroom in 2015 … After some sage advice from a fellow club member, I purchased a replacement set of “Renthal” RC-1 Sport sintered pads … Part No. BP-507-HHP … They were everything that was promised … The rears were not available from Renthal, so “EBC” HH Sintered were obtained … Part No. FA256 HH … these two replacements look remarkably similar to the current V7 850 … Not silly money, and a vast improvement … Hope this helps … Regards, Tony

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That would make sense if the pads currently fitted are GG grade…

Hi Anthony / Speedy,
I imagine they are stock pads, i bought the bike with low miles and haven’t changed them yet ( loads of meat still on them) , but sintered sound like they way to go.
Thanks for everybody’s help


All this is highly dependent on what is already in there.

Just bear in mind that the HH pads will take longer to bed in and some people feel they can be a bit “grabby”. The GG pads are a little bit softer and will bed into a worn disc a bit quicker.

Some users think they give a bit more “feel”.

See here:

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EBC HH sintered pads make a world of difference. I reckon a 25% improvement over the standard Brembo’s

Hi, 25% , nice i think they are the way to go!!

You can order online direct from EBC.

Let us know what you think of them.