V7 850 gear lever adjustment

I tried to raise the gear lever a little to allow more room for my booted foot. However, after turning the adjuster link rod I found the gear lever contacts the underside of the footrest bracket preventing the any upshift gears. How daft is that?
The footrest bracket also supports the gear lever pivot Hmmmm!
I am thinking of removing the footrest bracket and removing some metal.
Anyone else found a better way of dealing with this issue?
Same problem affects the Special and the Stone.

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I altered mine slightly, can’t remember which way - probably up, but not a lot obviously (else I’d have encountered the same issue) - looking at pictures, I see what you mean. Yes removing metal is all I can think of too, else the lever needs to be a different shape but being alloy I doubt you could just bend it.

That seems a bit mad. Glad I haven’t felt the need to adjust mine. Come to think of it… might be the first bike I’ve not had to…

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Removing some metal from the underside of the bracket was not a good idea as the upper arm of the gear lever is still restricted by the fotrest bracket bolt mounts. I tried it. It didn’t work and although the “alteration” is not visible from above I decided to buy a replacement bracket. £112. Hey ho! such is life.