V7 850 Hesitation on accelerating

I wondered if anyone else had had a problem with their 850 on acceleration. I have had two occurrences now of the bike being very hesitant when pulling off which is rather disconcerting. Both have happened after a 30 mile ish run when I have stopped for a bacon sarnie and then go to pull out onto a main road and the bike doesn’t want to go. It feels like a fuel starvation issue and within a few seconds it clears and the bike runs perfectly. The bike was new in April and I’ve covered around 2200 miles so far without any problems.

I have a 2022 V7 850 Special - new to me. So far I have had no issues at all. Instinctively, I prefer carburetors but, so far, the fueling has been faultless. The only time I have encountered circumstances such as you describe was on my old Spada years ago. It turned out to be crap in the tank blocking the ‘in-tank’ fuel filters. With hindsight I should have diagnosed it sooner, as it cleared significantly when I filled up - disturbing the crappy from around the filters until the fuel level dropped again. I hope you get a result with your bike. Cheers, Steve

Was the first service done by a main dealer and did they download the updates fuel map? There is a well documented issue with the earlier V7 850s (it affected my 2022 registered one but I don’t know about the 2023 models?) which the update instantly cures.

However, the symptoms aren’t exactly as you describe but give rather of hesitation on a constant throttle opening at around 4k revs. It felt like you were just starting to run out if fuel for an instant but cleared itself once you opened the throttle after a minor but irritating hesitation.

The other sign that it may not have been done is that your average fuel consumption readout will be unrealistically high e.g. around 75 mpg, when in reality you’ll be getting 57-63 mpg if you calculated it.

Hope you get it sorted.

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