V7 850 MGCT failure warning

Hi all,
I’m 1,300 miles into ownership of my new V7 850 Stone and it’s developed a fault.
The MGCT Disabled warning has flashed up. Bikes running fine but I have no speed indicated or gear position indicated and ABS and engine warning light are illuminated.
I assume is some sort of sensor failure. The bike did get a very big soaking the other day in a torrential downpour.
Has anyone else suffered a similar issue ??
I’ve owned many a Guzzi over the years & some have had sensor issues, I was rather hoping those days were behind me !

No replies, so I did a google search, seems you’re the first … :question:

I agree with you seems like a sensor signal fault. I also have a V7 850, I’m not sure whether it’s the front or the rear that does for the speedo, but I have noticed that the rear sensor seems to be in a particularly vulnerable position, being hung under the hub (along with the brake caliper). This seems perfectly situated for catching all the dirty road spray. (Also I didn’t like how the cable was routed, so routed it differently, if memory seves, to avoid loops that could be caught on something or pulled too tight.) Also the electrical connectors may not be marvellous, for example under the seat and tank there is a curious (to me) mix of Superseal (good) and mini-connector (not so good – the sort of thing you might find on small cheap Chinese bikes [and I’ve got one, and yes it has]). Don’t know what the sensor connectors are exactly but that’s what I’d be looking at first. :wink:

Many thanks Mike H. It’s still with dealer who’s replaced the sensors but it’s still showing the fault. He thinks it’s an ECU Issue which yes referring to MG in Italy. Awaiting a response ……

That’s very worrying if it’s the ECU! :scream:

I have heard of a similar fault (it was some kind of Italian bike) that turned out to be a faulty earth connction to the ECU. It was showing an ECU fault code.

Once diagnosed, it was a comparatively easy fix, just cleaning contacts and application of moisture displacing grease.

@smartr Any further news about this?

Hi Mike H.
Had a bit of a nightmare with it actually but that was mainly due to Piaggio Group total ineptitude and Appalling customer care!!!
Bike was off the road for over 3 months last summer as it was a failed ABS ECU unit which was the fault, after just 1,500 miles!
MG could not source a replacement because the ECU unit had been discontinued (this was a brand new bike !!!) and the new version was unavailable due to the world shortage of micro chips !!!

MG/Piaggio totally useless and didn’t want to know. It was only down to my dealer’s persistence (Brighton Moto) that after 3 months MG eventually agreed to cannibalise a new UK press bike and give me the part to get me back on the road.

All my letters and complaints to them (MG/Piaggio) went totally unanswered.
After many years of MG ownership I’ll never buy another one again ……

I saw a review of a V85TT by a guy in the USA who had exactly the same failure on a new bike. His dealer got permission to swap the part out from another new bike with in a week. Clearly MG don’t value their Uk customers in the same way.

Good grief! :scream:

Thanks for the update. I’m saving this for future reference.

BTW I have heard of options for new cars not being available because of the chip shortage. This story is from a year and a half ago…

Why is there a chip shortage?

A pleasure, and hope it doesn’t happen to anyone else!
I can forgive a world shortage of micro chips but not appalling customer service !!!
Safe riding

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Bit of an appendix to this — someone on Facebook had the same fault, turned out to be a fault in the main wiring harness. One replacement harness later, fixed. We don’t know (at this stage) which wire(s) went wrong. Unless someone is going to test it, but if the dealer has chucked it in the bin that won’t happen.

This has just happened on my 2019 V85TT with 29k miles on the clock. The alarm will sometimes turn off after the bike has been left a while but will reappear some time later. Sometimes I don’t get a speedometer and gear indicator output and I have to turn the ignition off and back on again. Sometimes the output will appear within a mile. The bike runs fine and responds to the throttle OK. If I am running with cruise control engaged and the alert comes on a get a sudden power loss and then it picks up again. Sometimes I can get rid of the red alarm panel but the ABS and triangle warning lights are still lit. The alarm panel comes back on quite quickly.
I have noticed that the speed sensors are set differently back and front. The front appears to be quite far off the wheel rotor and the back is quite close. Also when the alarm is lit it is wet but riding in the rain is nothing new to me or the bike.

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