V7 850 Saddle

Anybody know if V7 saddles are compatible across all models i.e. V7 I, II, III & V7 850 Stone, Special & Special Edition? I have a Special Edition which I am very happy with but for the passenger accommodation which my other half finds a little on the small side. I was thinking that if I could find a second hand saddle I could add some padding & then recover it but I’m reluctant to use the original saddle in case I make a pigs ear of it.

I stand ready to be corrected, but I believe the 850 frames are completely different to the earlier bikes, so you can’t use a seat from say a MkI, II or III bike unfortunately.

I think that even the earlier models have frame variations between them which may limit the ability to swap seats between them too to some extent? I’m sure someone with more knowledge will be along to confirm or deny :wink:.

I’m in a similar situation and would like to improve the comfort of the stock seat (it’s not bad, but I’d like to improve it), without messing with the original. However, I don’t see many second hand stock seats for the 850 up for sale and those that do come up are silly money. The Guzzi High Touring Seat is a bit pricey to take a punt on, though I may save up my pennies.

For now I just stick my Airhawk seat cushion on if I’m going for a long ride but would prefer to customise one seeing as my wife’s an upholsterer.

Why not consult a specialist seat refurber? R.K.Leighton have years of experience, there have been good reports about THIS place…

Give 'em a ring - costs nowt.

Just as a guide, Custom Seats quoted me £250 for a recover/restyle for both of my V100 seats with gel comfort pads.

Thanks for the feedback. I shall give Custom Seats a call & see what they say. I was really hoping that I could pick up an old seat on Ebay & reupholster it myself but it doesn’t look as if that’s an option. 10/12 years ago I had a seat rebuilt by Sussex Motorcycles, it looks as if they’re still trading so I’ll include them in my search.

I’m slow to respond but can confirm this from my direct experience of switching from a v7 III (17 plate) to a new v7 850 at the end of 2021 (I’m v pleased with the switch).
When I bought the 750 it came with a package of goodies, best of which was the lovely bar end mirrors, now on the newer bike. There was also a fancier-looking seat which I liked and kept to put on the new bike - but it just doesn’t fit.
(Any readers who could use it should let me know - taking up space at the moment. )

Thanks for the confirmation, I think I shall be going down the reupholstering route. I’ll report back here with any progress.

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Like andy22 I have a v7 850 special and I too bought a black seat from a 850 stone to replace the standard brown one , but it didn’t fit ?? I found out that the special has a different back mudguard , the stone is narrower !! The special seems to have an additional cover/fairing over the under mudguard ! Also the '21 onwards have the rear suspension top mounts further forward , so if anyone out there wants a new 850 stone seat I have one !