V7 850 Touring 'Comfort' Seat and HB Rack

I love this bike and to be honest the stock seat is quite good as stock seats go. However, I could still do with some improved comfort as it feels as though the foam is a little soft and I substantial after an hour or so. Does anyone have direct comparison with the Guzzi high touring seat. It’s not cheap but I don’t really want to re-upholster the original, even though my wife is an upholsterer (blame my OCD :wink:).

On another note, I’m also looking for a rear rack to go with my Kriega luggage when camping. I see that the HB rack appears to have a greater weight limit than either the Guzzi or Givi racks, though to be honest, the OEM rack looks to be more in keeping with the lines of the bike. Does anyone have an opinion?