V7 Classic Adjustable / Short Levers

Hi all,Been riding around on my V7 Classic for a while now, and needless to say, pretty pleased with it in general. However, I’m now getting around to sorting out my few issues with it. One of these is the brake / clutch lever reach. I have quite a short reach in my fingers, so would like some replacement levers which would preferably be adjustable for reach, or at least be shorter. Has anyone been able to find replacement levers for the V7 Classic that might work? Have asked the guys at Corsa, and they say they haven’t come across any suitable products. Any suggestions gratefully received. Regards,Quan.

A couple of years ago I put on some economical adjustable levers. Bought them from an American Guzzi dealer (I’m in the USA). Either Moto Int or Harpers, I think. I did a write up and posted some photos on the yahoo group: http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/MG_750/ Look in the photo section there, and also do a search of the messages for "adjustable levers."Hope that helps.