V7 Classic filler cap bolts

I’ve found in the past that the 5 bolts holding the filler cap ring in place have the habit of coming loose. I’ve tried using a thread locking product but that doesn’t seem to have worked. I’m thinking a glue used on models might do the job but I’m worried about the effect on the plastic tank. Any thoughts?

Hello Bob, that’s an odd one,
have you tried a sliver of Blu-Tak down the hole?
Might pack it out tight enough without locking permanently.


Hi Phil, might be worth trying. My main worry is that if the screws work loose it will allow water to get under the seal and into the tank.

be carefull with loctite type products as a lot are not suitible for plastics I wrecked a helmet once the visor screw kept coming loose so i popped it in with loctite and it melted the helmet

Thanks for the warning!

I have had the opposite problem with plastic tanks (in my case an early Hinckley Tiger).

On your V7, does the screw locate directly into the plastic or into a metal well nut or metal insert that is then fixed into the plastic tank?

The best methods for each will differ.


Straight into the plastic, which I think is the main problem considering the thing must expand and contract according to the temperature. If MG had to do that then a threaded insert would have been a sensible way of doing things, but using a metal tank would have been even better!

You might consider PTFE tape (as used by plumbers to wrap threads on compression joints)?

It’s an idea but the screws are very short.