V7 Classic - Plastic Tank - Warranty Claims

Has anyone had their plastic tank replaced under warranty ? Or considered it ?

I have a plastic tank that no longer fits as it appears to have “lengthened”, and the retaining bolt no longer lines up with the frame.

  1. Has anyone had a similar problem ?

  2. Has anyone else had other problems with the plastic tank ?

  3. Has anyone made a warranty claim for such a problem ? If so, then was the claim successful ?

  4. Has anyone made an out of time warranty claim for such a problem, and if so, what was the result ?

  5. I do not know if any other models were kitted out with a plastic tank. If so then I would be interested in hearing from members who have had similar experiences.

My general searches on the internet seem to indicate that ethanol in petrol does not produce a happy result in a plastic tank. I wonder if this is one of the reasons that the latest models have a steel tank.

I have a V7 Classic with a plastic tank. It is a 2011 model. I understand that it is best to avoid any job that involves removing the tank as, once untethered by the retaining system, they can be a right pain to get back on. I have been told that some people shave down some rubber stops on the nose of the tank and apply quite a high force using a crowbar to get the rear retaining bolt back into the lug on the chassis. No direct experience myself though.
Best of luck; and if you find out how to do it please post some tips.

Had this problem on my 2008 750 Breva. Tank was a real bugger to get back on. I was told by someone racing a Triumph at Brands Hatch that placing a plastic tank in a freezer will cause it to return to it’s original dimensions.

Drain, dry out and leave in a dry environment and it will take up its’ original size.

I’ve also experienced this problem on my 2010 classic. I did try to fit a stud and slide the rear mount over it but no luck with that. Would be interested to hear of any solution.

how about getting a proper guzzi from the 80’s, no plastic there! :laughing:

Mee-phoo-cane-eow. :wink:

Solution: PXed the plastic bike (having first replaced the plastic tank) for an all metal one; 2016 vintage.

Added extras, apart from the metal tank: 6 speed gearbox; ABS; traction control; 6 litres more fuel in the tank.

I just hope the new one is better. The old one was running very sweetly with nearly 17,000 on the clock.

I’ve got one of the first 2011 V7 Racers (No.975) and after about 6 months noticed the plastic tank chrome finish showing a crack line. It didn’t leak but drove me mad. I had it changed under warranty and within 3 months the same thing happened with the second one. That was also changed under warranty but this time with a metal one. No problems since and I’m much happier now :slight_smile:

It’s not as simple as just changing the tank as I believe the fuel feed system also has to be changed.

When I was looking into my problem with the plastic tank, I went to the local former Moto Guzzi agent to enquire if they had a second hand tank. It was apparent that what they had dealt with was the same problem as yours; namely the chrome finish de-laminating from the plastic tank. I suppose, in retrospect, that chromium plating onto plastic was not a good idea. But then perhaps it was the expansion of the tank due to ethanol that caused the boundary between plastic and metal to become unstable.

During my enquiries it I also found out that the fuel pump unit from the plastic tank would not fit a replacement metal tank. A new fuel pump unit would have to be acquired also. The combined cost of new metal tank and fuel unit was going to take the bike to a point where it was almost an economic write off. I suppose it would have been, had I had the job done at the bike shop with their added labour costs.

Now, with the new bike with a metal tank, I have to say I am happier too.