V7 Classic valve clearances

Quick check…I’ve just set mine to 0.10 mm in 0.15 out. Is that right? Please say yes!

Yes! And not just because you want to hear it


Cheers Mate! I was asking because they were so tight when I first checked I thought I might have misread the specs. Suppose I’ll have to put up with a bit more clatter now they’re properly gapped :slight_smile:

It is said I believe that you can make them wider, they’re only that small in the first place because of namby-pamby American(?) regulations, about engine noise I think. Me, I’d want to be sure the valves stay properly shut and gas tight if as and when the motor gets good and hot and everything expands. Just IMHO. There was a recommendation, can’t remember, an extra 0.1mm? HTH

I think 0.1 would be a normal safe margin for error based on my own skill at setting gaps correctly. I’ve just read somewhere else suggesting the range is 0.10 -0.15 in. and 0.15-0.20 out. Sounds like a wider range than normal to me, and I suspect the clatter could drown out the very pleasant but robust sound of my Mistrals if I went for the wider of these settings. All humble opinions gratefully received!

If you’re doing them in inches I would opt for 4 thou inlet and 6 thou exhaust. Works on my 750 Breva and yes don’t those Mistrals sound great especially around 5 to 6 thousand rpm.

As this is a metric bike based forum I tried to save electrons by not putting mm after each figure. Suitably chastened I shall not omit to do so in future :wink:

Love my Mistrals!

Noisy is generally better than too quiet.  (Tappets I mean)  

Mike H2014-06-30 15:13:36

I was told 15 and 20 max. A bit noisier but safer.And as the Pfatzfeld crew could tell you she buzzes along OK.On the subject of increasing power(that is why you fit Mistrals isn’t it) I have just fitted a K+N air filter.

Dunno about any power increase but Moses could have used them as a backup as they’re excellent when it comes to parting the way through traffic.