V7 Classic. Will no longer idle

My 2011 V7 Classic has been trouble-free until now.
I went out for a run and filled up with BP Ultimate instead of normal 95 octane. I am not sure if there is a connection but when I returned home the bike fizzled out on me as I pulled the clutch in on my drive to come to a halt. Puzzled I started her up again and, while she seemed OK, she would no longer slow run without a whiff of throttle or a tiny bit of choke.
Went out on her yesterday and found she is behaving the same.
Whipped out the plugs and found the right hand side plug was only finger tight and sooty, left hand side OK. I bought the bike serviced so had not checked these before. Cleaned, gapped and re-inserted both plugs.
Waiting now for a chance to see if I have made any difference.
Odd that all was totally fine and then changed suddenly after buying different petrol.
Anyone else with a V7 found similar?

My lil’Breva hates the posh petrol and was the same till I filled up with Sainsbury’s when it returned to normal.

Interesting! Loose plug wouldn’t help either. No compression on that side at low revs.

Just replaced both plugs with new but still the same. Maybe it is the posh petrol? I tried the ignition on and two full movements of the twist grip trick but that has not changed it.
I may have to resort to a long run to burn off some petrol and then refill with cheap stuff.
Any other ideas?
All the best,

Apart from throwing the petrol away that is the best plan.
was that your piece in Gambo?

Not me Ian.
Anyway, I went out for a darned good burn-up on the A3…all the way to see Paul at Corsa Italiana!
By the time I got there the minx was idling fine. :blush:
Anyway Paul connected her to the Piaggio diagnostic system just in case. No errors evident or stored in the ECU. However he re-set the throttle position sensors and checked over a few other bits and bobs. We had a very brisk run home in the winter sunshine for a late lunch ,and all is now sweet. Just need to do a few more miles and then fill up with cheap stuff. At 60 to the gallon you need to travel quite a long way!
Good bikes aren’t they?

Theory: ‘posh petrol’ (allegedly) contains detergents that dissolve the lacquer build-up associated with cheap wood alcohol propellant.
Maybe there was a lobe or lump of this stuff became mobile and lodged in some pinch point of the fuel line.
Remedy: Italian tune-up? Good excuse for a thrash, anyway :wink:

Must improve my timing.

Must be about the octane rating.

I recall reading on another thread somewhere (regarding using a Finebau Forge unit) that a chap in New Zealand said he had problems with his V7 when using 97 octane petrol but that it was fine with 95 octane.

I have never got 60 mpg out of my lil’Breva in the UK.
Yes they are.