v7 ecu i/face

Anyone got experiences (good or bad) of diagnostic / interface gizmos for V7 MIU G3 ecu’s?

Any use while looking around


Of use - yes. Carl Allison has a version I find clearer however (on V11 forum).m.f.Mad Farquhar2013-04-28 07:58:41

For diagnostics, have you looked at Ducatidiag software?Otherwise Technoresearch do one I think, but that costs.

I’ve got a Technoresearch one, it’s called the Vehicle Diagnostic Scan Tool (VDST). I think the most recent version of it is called Centurion. It was $$$, but I enjoy it.However, if I were to start again I’d give Guzzidiag / Ducatidiag a spin. It’s free sharware and has some good reviews.

With Ducati/guzzidiag all you need to buy are the cables, computer to EOBD, and EOBD to Fiat I think (well the Guzzi 3 pin connector). Both available on Ebay.
So you’ve ordered it then?Brian UK2013-04-29 16:22:24

Yes - it’s a Stone. I was looking at the new 2013 Special (old S3 type paint job) but it would either be a flight down and long haul back up M6 and first service about Tebay (!) or a good deal on a Stone from Jim Allan in Falkirk.

Already christened the Stone “Banrigh Dubh*” and should join the stable a week Wednesday. As you can see already plotting her (Black Queen*) modification.
Now - all we need is some improvement in the weather.

I have checked out the Ducatidiag but it doesn’t list the MIU G3 ecu which I believe is fitted to the V7 Stone. The quest goes on.