V7 II Gear Oil Level

On the latest V7 II (6-speed 'box), can anyone tell me whether the gearbox should be filled with a measured 500cc, or filled to the level of the filler plug? (with bike level of course).
The filler plug sits quite high on the casing, which is what makes me wonder.

On a similar note, when checking/filling the final drive should the bike be level, or should the swing arm be level?
Bike on its wheels on level ground seems the obvious answer, but sometimes things ain’t so obvious! If in doubt then filling with 170cc seems the safe option.

Answers gratefully received… Pete.

As has been said elsewhere, I would put in measured amounts. Including the engine oil. I’m assuming V7 gearbox has no level plug then? By the sound of it should not fill up to filler plug level no.Â
Unless anyone knows differently …

Apologies for expanding an “oil thread”, I hear it’s not the done thing :astonished: , but I’m quite new here so that’s my excuse! Anyway hopefully there’s some useful info for other new V7 II owners…

The filler plug on the new V7 II 6 speed gearbox definitely isn’t a level plug, it’s way too high. I don’t think there’s an easy way to check the level without draining and re-filling (what looks like a sight glass on the side isn’t).
Draining into a clean container and measuring what comes out is easy enough, draining overnight seems to drain a further 50cc compared to the initial 10 minute splurge.
BTW cheap plastic measuring jugs aren’t very accurate, I used a Pyrex 1/2 litre glass jug.
There’s a plastic gauze filter behind the drain plug, it simply twists/pushes into place sealed by an O ring. Mine had trapped a load of orange silicone sealant from somewhere inside the 'box.
Refill with 500cc 75W-90 full synthetic GL5. MotoWorld stock the recommended ENI Rotra LSX, I’m sure any decent fully synthetic gear oil would also be fine.

The final drive is supposed to take 170cc, but with the bike level and vertical I could only get 140cc in before it started running out the filler. This is because the bevel box isn’t level, the filler plug sits too low.
Raising the back wheel to level the bevel box lets it take 170cc, this puts the oil just level with the filler plug hole. I have a sloping drive that’s rather handy for this :smiley:

I’m not sure whether the final drive should have a moly additive? I think the original factory oil did, but the handbook just states 85W-140 GL4+GL5 (ENI Gear MG 85W-140), no additive mentioned. Gutsibits website says you don’t need any Moly additive with this oil.
Anyone have a view on whether a moly additive is a good idea in the final drive? It runs pretty hot after a long run, hot enough that you can’t comfortably keep your hand on the casing.

That’s all for now, end of oil thread…

Ah so the F/D’s filler plug is also the level plug. I.e. remove to check level, and can’t be overfilled.

Does the gearbox not have a separate level plug then? The ‘old’ bikes did!

My Breva 750 (5 speed) takes a litre in the gearbox. My big block takes 0.750 litres. Is 0.5 litres correct for the new gearbox?
With my lil’Breva on its mainstand putting 0.17 litres in the bevel box is easy.
I have never used Molycote ever as several people who know say it hasn’t been needed in 30 years with the latest oils.
Yes the drive box gets hot.
As my engine o/p seal has been changed and I now have an oiltight engine I will see what engine oil consumption looks like.
The lil’Breva will get a 250 mile thrashing this weekend as a test.

No sign of a level plug on the gearbox, if you filled it to the plug I suspect you’d end up with wet clutch!

Ian’s comment about 1 litre in the 5-speed makes me a bit twitchy, but the handbook definitely says Gearbox= 500cc, Final drive= 170cc.
I’d best call my local friendly dealer and double-check.
Gearbox oil is a high spec fully synthetic, so that’s a key difference compared to the older 'boxes.

Out of interest, where’s the level plug on the older gearboxes?


About 3/4 up the box on the rhs.

Nope, definitely no level plug on the 6-speed. I called a couple of dealers and they confirmed the oil capacity is 500cc, and that drain/refill is the only way to check. That’s progress for you…

The reason I’m checking the oil level is the volume of gear whine. I was worried the 'box might be short of oil, but actually my dealer had filled it with 650cc - might explain the increased drag in 1st gear since the 1st service.
Interestingly there was nothing coming out the breather, so maybe it’s happy with a higher oil level?

Thanks Ian for confirming that the final drive does run hot. It should be fine as it has a level plug and the correct oil.

NB, I’ve avoided Molyslip because I’ve read conflicting reports on its effectiveness, also my bike’s under warranty so probably best to stick with the recommended oils.
I’d be interested know whether anyone’s tried Molyslip though,and whether it does reduce gear noise?


I use a little Nulon G70 in all my gearboxes. Available in Australia & New Zealand, at least. Don’t know about the rest of the world.


It seems to work as advertised. It seems a little quieter. But as the bike with the highest mileage, the V7C has only 120,000k the long term benefits are not really proven. It just appears to be a good idea & I’m happy with it.


no level plug on the new 6 speed v7 box

just fill with correct amount and change as directedÂ