V7 II raised seat/lowered footpegs?

Having ridden the V7 II for a while now, my initial impression that I need a higher seat and/or lower foot pegs is becoming more than a feeling… Soooo, I’m thinking of a couple of mods:

a) Have the seat foam modified to lift the sculpted front section, creating a flat seat at approximately pillion height all the way to the tank.
Can anyone recommend a seat modder? Seems to be plenty of choice out there, and big price variations. Any good experiences?

b) Lower the foot pegs by around 1", by fitting something like these from KD:

What do you folks reckon? These fit straight into the frame mounts, just need to reset the gear change linkage (easy) and lower the brake lever (not so easy, but could pack the stop with a sleeve and shorten the operating rod).
I was wondering if the lack of rubber might turn the nice vibes into not-so-nice vibes?
Anything similar available in the UK? And possibly a tad cheaper??

BTW, I’m quote lanky in the limbs (6’ tall, 33-34" leg), hence the need to do a bit of tweaking. Trying to get my thigh siting just slightly down an the knee, instead of just slightly above the hip as it is now.

Any thoughts appreciated!
Thanks, Pete.

trouble with dropping the pegs is the relation ship to the gear and brake leavers, too low and the controls may not be usable.

I think seat that is a shade thicker may be a good place to startÂ

May I suggest you use a chap called Tony Archer. He has done quite a few seats for me over the years including a Cali 1100. I cannot recommend him highly enough, his quality is excellent and his prices are great.Â

He is not just a seat cover merchant as so many are he will creat any seat in any form you wish and the finish product looks fantastic. Just google him and you will find his details.Â


Not so easy on the eye, but you could try clipping an AirHawk seat on when heading out further afield. I run one with a gel pad in the cover, under the air pillow – just to give a bit more rise. Downside is that you don’t get such a seat of the pants feel for the rear tyre hooking up when driving hard out of curves. I fitted Buell dropped pegs on my Griso, they were a whole lot cheaper I think. And still an easy fit on that bike at least, inc. realigning the pedals.

Where do you live?

Having looked at the footpegs in a bit more detail, I agree the seat is the best place to start. The pegs are really quite well designed to attenuate vibes (hollow casting with compliant rubber top), I’m concerned solid pegs might be a bit tiring on long journeys.

I’ve called Tony Archer, he seemed helpful and I’ve read good reports about his work.
Shaun at Recover Upholstery Wrexham,
CM seats in Cov, who add their own gelastic pad(s), but they’re quite a bit more expensive.

As a temporary measure/experiment I’m running with towels strapped to the seat. Raised height does seem to suit me a bit better, but the towels make it look like I’ve got problems down below :blush:
Perhaps it’s my riding style…


I’m a bit late to the party, but here goes:-

I’ve a similar inside leg, and a 2010 V7 Classic and a 2014 V7 Special. With standard pegs I found the solo cafe seat more comfortable. Once I added the racer rear sets, either seat was equally comfortable. On the V7C I changed the bars for the Laverda style multi-adjustable type, then did a series of 500k rides to test day-long comfort. A miniscule adjustment makes a huge difference. The V7S came with Tarozzi adjustable clip-ons that I find very comfortable too for long days in the saddle. But then, for me, the most comfortable long distance bike is the 1100 Sport. You may well be different.

While I’ve successfully used Airhawks and gel pads on other bikes, I’ve found them uncomfortable on the V7. See if you can’t borrow a solo seat for bit to try. They are softer & higher than the standard seat. It may point you in a useful direction.