v7 ii shocks

rode the beast back from store, shocks firm but not overly so, thought i’d drop preload a bit, blimey, having to count the threads?!, I gave up, as c-spanner marks the knurled ring, an in efiicient way to adjust preload!, Hagons any good for these?

Lots of complaints on the forums about V7 rear shocks. Many have tried and like Hagon Including me, but was for an early Tonti model though.

They appear unchanged from the B750/Nevada MK2 days.

Some riders think they are OK. I think the bin is too good a place for them… :laughing:


Well pleased with the Hagon’s on my 750 Breva.

The best suspension I have had was on my lemon when I sold it.
38mm Marzzochi’s on the front and Koni Dial a Ride’s on the rear.
Although it is lighter which makes a difference my lil’Breva’s suspension is far better than my Bellagio’s. Both are stock.

Had a long chat with TonyC the other night. He liked the feel of the stock on my B750, but had changed them out on his V7. I wonder if the suspension was selected for the prone bias of the B750, but does not suit the more upright position of the V7.

I gave up with the origionals,not being able to adjust them, and corrosion setting in under the top caps
purchased Hagons
muchmuch better and easy to adjust with the spanner provided
just ridden 2.5K around europe 2 up no bottoming out at all ahd handled better

Went out on an IAM run with the group I passed with a decade or so back. The pace was easy accept on the dual carriage way. The B750 was the least powerful in the group. I did note that at that pace I was not moving my body weight around. I can’t say that after 2 3/4 hour stint I was not pleased to arrive. Perhaps the suspension rewards a brisk pace with the rider shifting body mass to enhance.

The ride home ( 50 miles ), from taking possession of my new V7II Stone, ( September 2015 ), was the day I picked up the phone … spoke some very helpful people at “Norman Hyde’s”, and ordered a pair of their “chrome and blingy” replacement rear V7 II shockers … Ikon units SP8 ( Every bit chromed ), Pt No.1760-1623 … Fully adjustable for ride height, rebound and compression … and re-buildable too, if needs be … What a difference…!! … But this only highlighted just how poor the standard forks are … They too had a good dose of “looking at” , and nothing could really be done … So, an Andreani cartridge kit , with linear springs ( matched for my riding weight ), was ordered and fitted … Compression damping is taken care of by the left leg, and rebound damping by the right leg … Ohlins fork oil was poured in … Get this … In order to give me the desired “plushness” I was striving for, SAE 7.5 in the compression leg and SAE 5 in the rebound leg … Again, I got “full adjustability” … and now it is fine-tuned, the results are staggering … It is an old cliché, but “transformed” does not do it justice … I can now ride it, looking far ahead, without having to pick my way around imperfections in the road … An expensive fix, but they really shouldn’t come out of the factory after having been built " down to a price" … I’ll bet MG’s accountants and bean counters all drive series 7 BM’s …!!! Regards all, Tony

Good job, Tony. You sure Carpe’d that Diem (apologies Kate :slight_smile: )

Could,nt agree more Jon.