V7 II Special - oil in airbox

My 2015 V7 II Special has done 10,000 miles and I gave it a full service. When I removed the old air filter, I found the airbox had a load of engine oil at the bottom of it! About 100ml. I soaked it all out, changed the engine oil and filter, replaced the engine oil in the sump with the correct quantity and took it out for a test run. I removed the air filter again and guess what. More engine oil in the airbox again!
Anyone know what is going on?

Hello again Gripper … What, you as well …!! I have just come across the very same phenomenon … and I am about to get the tool-box out, and make a start, delving into just what “Luigi” did, in his heroic attempts to keep up with the rather speedy production line in Mandello …!! … Judging by the shameful and unforgivable attempts at “professionalism” , I feel I may come across something quite simple … It may be a little while before I stat “delving” though … I am waiting for my foot to heal … It is very sore … Since I bought the bl**dy thing, I have never passed up the opportunity to kick myself …!! I will certainly let you know how I get on … Regards, Tony

Is sump level going down, and if so, does it stop at some lower level? If so it’s blowing off “excess”. Just guessing mind but I remember someone else saying not to keep filling it to the max line.

A lot has been written recently about the oil level settling down about half way on the dipstick. That seems to be the “normal” level. Mine runs happily at this level with no more oil coming out.

"A lot has been written recently about the oil level settling down about half way on the dipstick. That seems to be the “normal” level. Mine runs happily at this level with no more oil coming out.
Steve. "

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    As an aside,owing to additive differences,some engine oils “foam” more than others which can add to the problem.

Thanks for your replys. I’m glad I’m not alone.
I think the point about the dipstick level is valid. The dipstick fitted to my bike has no upper and lower mark, just one mark about 1/3 from the bottom of the flattened part of the stick. I have drained some oil out of the sump to bring the level down to this mark. I’m hoping this will solve this issue.

I’ll measure my dipstick tomorrow and get a measurement from the top. From memory when you do an oil change and add the correct amount of oil, 2ltrs, it will be the correct level.

Oh that rings a bell, about no max and min mark.

Measured with the trusty plastic ruler.
From the lower edge of the threads the max mark is 52mm. The min mark is 115mm. My current oil level is 90mm.
Hope this is some help,

For all those whose V7II suffers from this malady … I have given this a lot of thought, taken the plunge, and embarked upon a process of trying to get to the bottom of it … And guess what…? I appear to have finally succeeded … It’s a long story, many miles, and small steps … one at a time, I didn’t want to try two or three things together, then find I had succeeded, and not know which action had the desired effect … The story begins in the few days before the recent Scottish Rally. I know a lot of posts seem to favour keeping the oil level nicely mid way between the max and min marks on the dipstick … My bike has had the “handbook recommended” two litres of oil put in at every service … and the level on the dipstick has always been way over the top mark … So, with a syringe and length of plastic tubing, I started removing oil and collecting it in a clean measuring jug … I was astounded to find that in order to get the oil level down to the BOTTOM mark on the dipstick, I had removed 600ml of oil … This obviously meant that 1.4 litres of oil remained in the engine … A quick start, a warm up, and a check of the level, showed it was still on the lower mark on the stick … A short run or two, confirmed that the level was quite happy … A much bigger test would be the 200 plus miles up the motorway to attend the Scottish Rally … By the time I had passed Tebay, then Carlisle, any fears had left me … I arrived in the camp site, set up the tent, and checked the oil level … Bang on the bottom mark … BUT, I still had some oil to mop up from the inside of the air box … More than the normally acceptable little bit of “mist” … Upon getting back home, I had yet more oil to mop up, So I tried another step … I removed the air filter, and both side panels, and gave the job a good coat of “looking at” … It was during this application, I saw that inside the air box, at the lowest point, there was small orifice, which was obviously a drain … Yet, looking on the outside of the box, it was blanked off … AND, all other outlets were blanked off also … So, it looked like the breather pipes from both of the rocker covers, were feeding oil saturated air, into the air box, which had no other outlet, other than straight through the throttle body, inlet tract, and back into the cylinders … Is this a requirement of emissions legislation …? I didn’t ponder that question too much, I set about clearing it’s chest, and then help it breathe a lot better … This was done by making a drain pipe , and a breather pipe … A length of clear flexible tubing had two springs inserted one end ( to stop the pipe closing up or pinching), then was pushed onto the spigot at the bottom left hand corner of the air box … That’s the drain liberated … At the front of the air box, I pushed another length of pipe ( utilising springs again), onto an un-used spigot, that was higher up than the drain … and neatly routed both pipes , to an exit to atmosphere, down by the side-stand … There was only one more thing to do … Give it a whirl, and make it work … So I did … 110 miles of familiar Lancashire and North Yorkshire … A rather spirited outing if I may say … On my return, I checked the air box … No mopping up required …!!! I checked the oil level … Bang on the bottom mark still …!!! Now, only one more little step to take … I added 100ml of oil, and found that it brought the level nicely to the top mark on the stick … This means that there is now 1.5 litres of in the engine … and it all stays there …!! Since then, I have done another 350 miles, with Cabernet, around Cheshire, Shropshire, and Wales… with some urgency and spirit, I might add … The oil level is still fine, and the air box is clean as a whistle … Job done … I hope it helps anyone thinks they might have a similar problem … Regards, Tony