V7 III Exhaust Note

Whilst I’m glad I’m no longer waking the neighbours on a Sunday morning, as I did with my MT01 and Diavel, I think a fly could fart louder than my V7 Anniversario.

I like the look of the LeoVince Classic Racer, which has a removable DB Killer. Anybody fitted a more fruity pipe to their V7? Do you think I should wait until the bike is run-in and had its first run-in service before I allow it to breathe a bit more?

Pete broker fitted a pair of Chinese aftermarket silencers for a triumph Bonneville to his wife’s V7 ii they will be at the Scottish rally with it next weekend if your going have a ;look listen and a chat they are easy to spot as they are both German but both speak excellent English

Thanks for the info; Unfortunately I’m not back in the UK until the end of June, otherwise I would have attended.

Well, whilst away I ordered a set of Mistral short (polished) exhausts for ‘Annie’ and they are super. Although I thought I’d never say it; they’re actually a bit too noisy with the baffles removed and I don’t want to cause any damage to a new engine , so until the bike achieves its run-in miles I’ll stick with the baffles inserted. It sounds real good compared to the OEM exhausts, that’s for sure :wink:

Here’s Annie out and about last week with her new pipes:

Very nice. Just happened to be passing the Forth Bridge? :laughing:

Well I do live just up the road from it :wink:

OK then! :smiley: