I filled up before a weekend of mainly fast A-road travelling followed by just a couple of days of my usual London commute 4 miles each way per day.

Just filled up again to find I only used less than 13 litres for 185 miles. That’s over 14 miles per litre - i.e. 65 mpg. Very happy with that. My urban consumption appears to be around 50mpg.

Both of those figures are better than my old Hornet 600…! :grin:

Your experience is typical in my experience with injection small blocks.

65 mpg is good going. Well done !

My V7ii has averaged a shade over 60 mpg in 3,500 miles. That has included a couple of short tours in England, otherwise it has all been local riding. That gives a theoretical range of 278 miles to empty ! I find the fuel warning light comes on just before I have done 200 miles on a brimful. I calculate just under 80 on the ‘reserve’, but that is too scary for me to approach anywhere near that figure !

My previous V7 (with the 5 speed box) averaged 58 mpg over 13,800 miles. The fuel light came on at about 160 miles, with what I calculated as 32 miles on the ‘reserve’.

The pump uses the fuel sloshing around as a coolant, so running the tank dry repeatedly is not best practice.

. . . as apart from running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere !

I always start looking for fuel when the light starts to flash, but it is as well to know what there is in reserve.

I’m getting just under 70 mpg in 1600 miles on my V7111. But in the aged hooligan stakes I am much more in the aged category than the hooligan one, so my miles tend to be gentle back lane rather than A road scratching.

It does mean that I get about 230 miles to a tank before the warning light comes on. This minimises the immense irritation of garage queues, impatient car drivers, inefficient garage staff and having to undress to make myself acceptable to those wanting my money.