v7 non starter

2013 v7 racer switch on speedo and rev counter sweep all warning lights flash ok press starter engine turns over ok but will not start.let go of starter button and engine keeps turning over till ign is switched off .display on speedo says cla55 any ideas???

seized starter motor piston ?
they can get water inside and seize in the forward position
try it again and when it keep turning pull off the small wire to the solenoid
if it keeps spiining its the motor
if it stops its the relay or handelbear switch corroded or sticking

If that were the case it would keep going because the solenoid contacts are straight off the battery.

CLA55 is an ECU or dashboard error code?

Where do you live.
I suspect you need to be hooked into the diagnostic computer as it sounds like 2 faults in one or an ecu fault.

weird i know but changed spark plugs and everything ok.i wont buy e bay plugs anymore.pads system at dealers tests everything ok.

I always carry spare plugs and change them at the first hint of any engine problem.
I try and use a Motor factors and buy in 10’s at a discount.

You hadn’t mentioned that you changed something beforehand.

But this is interesting, it wouldn’t fire up so starter keeps going even when the button is released? I.e. keeps going until it starts.

I know my X10 does that, (can just briefly push the button then let go) but it ceases the procedure after 5 seconds if it doesn’t fire. So says the manual anyway.

bike is running fine now,maybe the ecu had a bit of a sulk over the bad plugs

Give it a nice wash and rubdown and tell it you’re sorry.

I don’t belive it mr Dunmore advising some one to washe ther bike!!! :smiling_imp: lol.

Later v7 starters are controlled by the ecu on the orders of the starter switch. If you press one while the engine is running the starter does not operate , on v7 II pressing the starter while the engine is running turns off the traction control

update on this got bike out of freezing cold shed bike wont start.take out the plugs and put them back,bike starts ok and works fine allday.its only been down to about minus 4 at night here but i think ill get a little heater in the shed where the bike is.

-4 shouldn’t effect the bike unless your battery is weak.
My Bella has given me no problems (still not found the fault on the lil’Breva).

new battery i think i know some people have batterys that last forever but i have never expected a motorcycle battery to last more than 3 years and mines coming up to that soon.i remember when i had a buell a battery with a higher cca rating helped a lot in the winter.

Mine on the lil’Breva is an agm battery from Tanya UK in April 2012 and is still going fine. Cost me £69.00.
I’ve had to charge it once but that was after doing a lot of electrical fault finding over a couple of days.

As all modern bikes end up as a big, heavy lump of uselessness if the battery fails, I have invested in an Optimate.

new motobatt battery with higher amp hour and 20% more cca sems to have done the trick.bike starts fine on the coldest mornings we have had so far

While working as a bike recovery tech I have rescued some people who say that even hooked up to an optimate, they only get a year out of their batteries. Firebades, R1s GSXRs and R6s CBR6s and a few others, not all sportsbikes.

If you’re not using a bike regular put it on a charger at least every fortnight. This is preferable to leaving it on a trickle charger permanently, which actually shortens battery life. This also makes a solar panel charger an attractive idea as it isn’t ‘on’ all the time (doesn’t work in the dark). HOWEVER when it IS working it needs to overcome the vehicle’s standing current drain to provide some actual charging current, and this usually requires actual sunshine on it. Cloudy day is no good. But solar panel could extend the period between sessions with the mains charger. Another thing to beware of is overcharging if battery is a sealed type, can’t top up the water.

one thing my bike does not do is sit around for long.43,000 miles in two and a half years should keep the battery topped up!