V7 oil level check

My V7 Classic has only a side stand.
Is the oil level checked with the bike on the side stand or do I have to get someone to check it while I keep the bike upright?

yep you need the bike perpendicular. I practice I use a chock under the kickstand and watch for wind gusts. Do it with the r/h side up against a wall for insurance.


Can you not sit on it and reach down with left hand?

tried that on my tall v65TT… ill stick to a block of wood …!

Done it on my Tonti big block OK, I’m sure a V7 classic can’t be bigger. (?)

Does seem a bit “odd” that the level cannot be correctly checked whilst the bike is on the stand Guzzi provides.
It is pushing me towards investing in a centre stand.
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If you can get a main stand do so.
My Bellagio is deficient, the first bike I have owned without one or any provision for one.

I bought a paddock stand for my 1100 Sport for the purpose. Handy bit of kit, and you don’t have to carry it around with you, just keep it in the garage with the tools and oils  :smiley:

have a go at doing it on the TT at the Clocks Back Mike!

I’ve just bought a paddock stand for £24.00 which should help have used a pice of floorboard till now - I have a query on the V7 dipstick, is the flat part the high and low of the oil ? because on my V50 the high and low is much wider apart and the high oil level on the V50 is much higher in the sump - the V50 also takes 2.2 L rather than 1.7L for the V7 - is that because the V7 has a bigger crank that takes up more space - is there any merit in fitting a sump extension?


If the dipsticks are different then have to assume the bikes are different.

Mark, what paddock stand did you get and where did you get it?

Its a draper stand £20 may fit with a modification? thought it was worth a shot - its not arrived yet so not sure!
05628 Draper 400kg Motorcycle Rear Wheel Paddock Stand with Universal Supports from M&P Motercycles

Loosened the dipstick plug using a small universal C spanner (it had been left very tightly done up). Straddled the bike and was able to reach down and check the oil level. On the V7 this is done without screwing the plug back in whereas on my old T3 Cali it had to be screwed in. There’s progress for you!Â
Thanks everyone.Â

Congrats on the long arms, CB :smiley:
But I’ve been doing it wrong if you were right about the not screwing down the cap for a level.


Be sure to tighten it up just as tight. They have a habit of coming loose at motorway speeds which if not spotted soon enough (so urban legend has it) can cause catastrophic crank failure. I nip mine up with a pair of Honda OE tool kit two position pliers.

Bottom of the class for me!!
I have nipped it up nice and tight. I can now see the point of those expensive Aussie key rings.Â

Just double checked my manual. Oil has to be hot, dipstick inserted but not screwed in.

There ya go. :smiley:

So you have to risk burning yourself too? :smiley: