V7 - pre and post 2013

Hi, anyone ridden both the newer V7 and the previous model ?
Does the increased bhp make much difference ?
Thanks, mototavi.

I own a V7 Classic, and had a V7 Stone on loan for a day.
The engine note was different, and maybe a little more pull. But not a lot of difference as far as I could tell. But then, the Stone was a tight ‘new’ engine.

I’ve owned an early V7 Classic, a Stone (for a short time) and have just crossed the 1200 mile point on a new V7 II Stone. The Classic was great but used to go out of tune quite quickly, and the fuel warning light used to come on at about 120 miles. The Stone was certainly quicker and more economical with a louder exhaust note but with a notchy gearbox. In comparison with both, the V7 II is a much better bike in my view. The 6 speed gearbox is quick and very smooth (with none of the problems of selecting neutral when hot), and the engine has the same ‘hard’ exhaust note as the Stone but is smoother. I don’t know exactly what changes have been made to the chassis (Streffords tell me that the steering rake has been altered) but the bike feels much nimbler in cornering. Fuel consumption during a recent quick trip to the Netherlands was about 60mpg cruising at the engine’s sweet spot at about 5000 rpm, and the larger tank gave over 180 miles before the warning light flashed . I suppose you could say that the early V7 Classics had more charm, but the later V7 II is the more capable bike. Hope that helps.

Interesting to read your findings about the V7 II. Sounds like the 6 speed gearbox is an improvement. You don’t mention the invaluable benefits of the traction control…

I have the 2013 Stone and was interested in the gearbox on the new bike and the fact that the ergonomics and geometry have changed. I’ve only really sat on the V7 II, but my knees still hit the tank, so no change there. It’s good that they are looking to keep improving the model, though.

The earlier gear box’s need plenty of miles on them to bed in and loosen up… my Nevada (same gear box as early V7) was notchy and stiff early on but just kept getting better up to 10k miles and still feels great with more that 20k on the clock now, very happy with it.

It probably does. I fitted a K+N air filter to my lil’Breva and noted that I had to change down less on hills.