V7 Racer aftermarket exhaust

Just wondering if anyone has fitted the Arrow slip on cans for a 2010 V7 Racer.How loud is it?Will I have MOT hassles,and are they literally slip on with no changes needed to the fueling?I am not an expert spanner twizzler and don’t live near a dealer so they have to be easy to fit.What about the Mistrals?Same issues around getting a pair of them.Do I need the connecting pipe?Any thoughts much appreciated.

I bought and fitted the Arrow pipes to my V7 Cafe. They fit straight on, it’s literally a ten minute job. They are not actually much if any louder when fitted as supplied. You can remove the packing around the baffles and it will be much rortier. (This requires dismantling the riveted pipe.) I’ve heard the results; I haven’t done it myself. I don’t think there would be any trouble getting the Arrow pipes through an MOT. (Other than having a “Race Use Only” stamp on them! For ten minutes work I’ll be putting the originals back on at MOT time.) Also, the bike ran perfectly well without any remapping and fuel consumption is not affected. Don’t expect any great difference in performance either but the bum dyno says there is a moderate lift to the top end. Overall I’m happy with my £800 spent on the basis that they won’t rot, they look great and replacing the standard ones would probably cost as much or more.Of alternatives I have no experience but the Mistral pipes sound good as per youtube.

I have G-Force pipes on the V11 “Not for road use” never had a problem at my local dealers with MOT or on the road and they are very “bellisimo”

If exhaust pipes have “Not for road use” or “Race Use Only” stamped on them, then technically they are an MOT fail so worth checking with your local MOT’er to avoid disappointment.

There are other routes, exhaust systems with no marking at all are not technically a failure but at the digression of the tester.

All bike zorsts come into to “testers discretion” factor now according to the guy wot does mine

I mentioned the “Riservato Competizioni” on the Lafranconi’s to the tester and his answer was that he couldn’t read Italian.

NO Harley dealer can read ANYTHING written on ANY exhaust

Thanks for the reply,just what I wanted to know.The Arrows sound like the safe option for the DIY mechanic and look good,but like you say the Mistrals sound mega on UTube but I’ve read on Guzzi Tech that they have to be set up by a dealer.Just a shame that the Arrows don’t have an easily removed/replaced baffle.Not sure why a can marked,“Race Only”,is barely louder than stock.

I have some Norton Commando Peashooters on mine. Not noticed a difference in performance but they sound amazing and set me back a whopping 70 quid on fleabay. Not tried an MOT with them yet but they have nothing written on them at all. Fitting was a bit of a pain as the pipes on a Norton are thinner than on the V7, had to make a sleeve to go over the two but haven’t remapped or done anything complex through a dealer. Bike runs the same as it did with the stock ones on but sounds a million times beefier. They’re not offensively loud, but a much fuller tone than the stock ones which are very mid-range heavy.

The Agostini cans sound better, a nice growl, not too loud. The Staintunes sound good, a bit quieter than the former, if a lot more expensive over here. Neither of these require any adjustment.