V7 Racer misfire

My 2016 V7 Racer struggles to pick up revs when I start it, it always has been a bit rough after start up but now anything below 2500rpm and it just dies. If I give it loads of throttle it will pick up and rev but pretty unrideable till it decides to work. Any advice would be welcome as I know virtually nothing about the intricacies of this bike having only owned it a couple of months.

Sounds like duff lambda sensors. My old V7 Stone did the same. Try disconnecting them and see what happens.

Thanks for your suggestion, I took the bike out this morning to see how it behaved and of course it ran perfectly but when, note not if, it happens again I will try your disconnection theory and cross my fingers. :+1:t2:

Before you start messing about with technology, what fuel are you using, I inadvertently filled up with that rubbish eco fuel in Belgium , and my Breva would not pull away at low revs and kept stuttering
got Antonio to check it out, but he said wrong fuel, I ran a few tankfuls of normal high octane stuff through and it was soon back to normal
now I use E5 high power stuff
does the machine have a service history ? might be cheaper in the long run getting some body to sort it for you, who has the relevant diagnostic equipment ?

I had just topped up the tank but didn’t think that would cause the problem as it was from the same jerry can as always. However someone else recommended I use a higher octane as a normal fuel to improve the low rev running. The bike has only done 2700mls and has a full service history but as it hadn’t been regularly used before I got it another service might be a good idea as a bit of reassurance. Thank you for your input. :+1:t2:

It is not even run in !
I have the Breva, same engine but twin throttle bodies
mine took about 8K till it loosened up
the engine thrives on revs
a technician can plug it into a code reader, and get all the information from the ECU

I have in the past seen people, unplug, adjust, fiddle with things and make the problem worse
start with the obvious, use a high octane fuel, run the bike hard, short runs are not good for it, and see if that clears the system out, might just be the plugs coked up
where abouts in the country are you based ?

I agree with Raphael, low miles like that the bike isn’t fully loosened up. Mine is 9k miles now and it’s feeling much less snatchy and gear changes are getting a lot smoother. Of course it’s also me being used to the bike but I don’t think my riding technique has changed much after the first 1-2k miles, more the bike wearing in.
Like a good pair of shoes maybe lol
Having said that yours does sound like it has had bad fuel or maybe dirty injectors from being run to empty? I ran out on my Cali the day I bought it (seller neglected to leave any petrol in and no fuel gauge) and it didn’t run right at all until I got it on a dual carriageway way and was able to give it plenty of throttle on top gear for a sustained period. It kept cutting out/stalling until whatever it was got blasted through with fresh petrol.

It sounds like I need to put more miles on it, after changing the fuel of course. I’ll book it in to Jim Allan’s in Falkirk when I get the chance to get it checked out, they’re 180mls south of me. I appreciate the bike is not nearly run in, it already feels better than when I first rode it though so I’m fine with that. The initial problem I had on Sunday seems to have disappeared but I’m not confident it won’t happen again, it takes very gentle throttle control when it’s cold to make progress but hopefully the fuel suggestions will improve that. Thank you all again.

one small point
you might have water in the fuel, especially if the previous owner spent more time washing it than riding it
when you open the fuel cap, there are two small holes, these lead through built in pipes in the tank, to a pair of rubber pipes exiting on the left near the gear arm
one is to allow air in
the other lower one is to let water out that finds its way into the cap
they tend to get blocked with polish, I use an air line on mine occasionally to clear it through, and i had the rubber pipes replaced on the last service
worth checking

Ok, I’ll have a look and give it a quick blow job. :blush::+1:t2:

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My initial problem of not running under 2500rpm just gradually improved without explanation to the normal splutters and coughs, but taking advice on using E5 fuel is a definite improvement to the general running. I think getting up to speed with the quirks of the machine is helping along with the fuel and the fact that the bike is now being used more often than during it’s previous life. Thank you for all the advice suggested, it’s all a learning process.