V7 seat- numb bum

Considering getting a V7 2023 model, but when I sat on it it felt like sitting on a plank of wood. Is it me or is the saddle only made for short trips to local teashops or such-like? Does not seem to be an alternative softer version.

Mine is a 2022 Stone and personally I find it very comfortable and love the bike. A massive improvement in comfort to Yamaha XSR700 I had previously.
It’s very subjective however.

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22 stone here (bike not me) and I find the seat very comfy. Not sat for more than three hours at a time without a tea break. I added a cool cover as I did find it sweaty in the heat of summer.

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Maybe I am getting old… I have a V7 Special 1970, it is like sitting in an armchair. I used to do all day rides up to 14 hours and when finished was well relaxed with no aches. I wanted something more modern and comfy for my longer rides abroad rather than risk my loop and my skin.

Hi Hayden, Before I am certain that I may be able to help, may I ask that you supply the Moto Guzzi part number, on the underside of the seat pan of the 2023 Stone you sat upon … I have recently replaced my 2015 V7II Stone, ( Which had two seats … both re-upholstered ) … I still have one … It is most definitely not a “bum-number” … Re-upholstered, better foam than original, and a “gel-pad” inserted for the rider … All carried out by a well regarded, Mr Tony Archer of Huddersfield … Hardly used, immaculate, etc etc … Post the part number please, you may well find your alternative softer version … Regards, Tony

Have not purchased the bike yet… still considering it

I have the 2021 V7 850 Special, and for long trips (more than a couple of hours) I have had to resort to using one of those blow up air seat cushions you can get from eBay. :disappointed:

It’s wide enough as stock, but can get a bit hard after a while.

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I have a V7 II with a V7 III padded seat, it has got to be the most comfortable bike I’ve owned. I’ve ridden a few hundred miles, over several hours without any issue.

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Tried the air pillow on other bike. Find it excellent if you gradually deflate it to the absolute minimum- till you feel the old saddle, then put in the smallest amount of air. Any more it is more like a bouncy castle and/ or becomes slippy. Managed all day rides 500+ miles, with that setup.


@scrappy I might get one if I could see one for sale anywhere!

They do appear to be sold out everywhere I’ve looked, I got mine from Motorcycle & Scooter Centre https://scooters.co.uk/item/padded-saddle-moto-guzzi-v7-iii-stone/

I’ve also got the one & half seat which I also find comfortable, but I haven’t used that for long distances.

Yes MSC is the only one came up in Internet search. :disappointed:

Perhaps I’m spoiled after years of riding sport bikes but I find my 2023 Special amazingly comfy after a couple of 4 hour stints. I think it has a slightly more padded seat though if that helps.

Good to see people helping out though.

Eveyone’s butt is different. :grin:

Latterly I’ve been doing without the cushion, as it’s quite a palavar TBH, and found it helps to otch back to the thicker step toward the pillion section.

Got mine on ebay. Just did a longer ride, 2 weeks- 6-8 hours each day. Manageable with the air cushion.

Subjective yes but I’ve found that any saddle with a curve in it will eventually produce pressure points & discomfort. The best I’ve found over the years are flat where you sit & relatively no padding at all. No seat in the real world is designed like sitting astride a log shape!
My V7 Stone special edition has a curve and is good for 2 to 3 hrs before I’m fidgety. My Harley XL 1200 is flat very little padding & all day comfy.
If I can’t get used to it or it doesn’t bed in (I’ve only done 550mls atm I’d consider taking off the cover and cutting out the curve.

Never owned a Guzzi before now, but last year traded a T100 ( very good bike, but p/ex due to repeated, & sadly ‘historical’, Triumph arrogance ! ) for the 2022, V7 Special and have had no problems with the standard seat. In my 70’s, a somewhat bony a***, and totally unfit… but still able to do a tank-full, in the sunshine, without having to go to A&E. ~ Just cruising (mostly) … pure joy ~


I agree swith Howo a curved saddle can be nightmare, especially if stiff, it has to be flat. I still think the best stock seat I’ve had was the Spada mk1.

Got a Cool Cover on my V7 850 seat . Did a 390 mile ride from Ullapool to home with just one 7 minute stop for fuel, no discomfort at all.

You must have frozen your nuts off