V7 Sport paint codes

Hi, I’m in the process of trasforming my 1972 V7 Sport into a colour of that model (I bought it in 750S livery).
I’d like to paint it in the “Burgundy” red.
Can anyone advise me of the paint codes to do this. Usually with metallic colours like these, a base coat, usually silver, is sprayed over primer, and then the top colour, so I would expect two colour codes???
Grateful for any guidance please.

Maybe John will get in touch direct, but have a look through his V7 Sport restoration - he also went for the burgundy colour scheme. His blog can be found at https://racingrhino.wordpress.com/home/

Yes, that’s the colour scheme I chose for my V7Sport. Unlike just about everyone else I’ve spoken to I don’t like the green!

It turns out (according to an Italian forum) that Guzzi have lost the code for the burgundy! I tried the American forum on the basis that was where most of the burgundy sports were sent and couldn’t get much sense there. I was given two paint codes which were “definitely” correct but were completely different shades. In the end I contacted Moe Moore at Cycle Garden in California about bikes he had rebuilt. He said, “It’s is a custom color we made for the original Burgundy. We used a silver base, and a Burgundy candy coat over the top of the silver base. Tuff to paint”. He then included some good photos of what he had done explaining that the more Candy coats you add the darker it gets. He had used an original tool box which still had good paint on it where the sun couldn’t get to it as a sample to copy.

I printed out some of the photos he sent me on the best photo paper I had and took them to my painter as a guide. Now, I know that’s not the most accurate way to do it but I figured it would never get parked next to another original burgudy V7Sport. My painter’s background is in custom bike work and he realised straight away what was needed. He added that there should be another clear coat on the top which he managed to do without wrinkling the decals.

There are some photos here https://racingrhino.wordpress.com/2014/06/12/paint/

If you contact me via pm or my blog I can send you the original photos I got from Moe or, If you don’t have a printer can send you a print out.