V7 Stone Handguards?

Anyone fitted handguards to a V7 Stone (or Classic, I imagine)? Can the Stelvio items be made to fit? Also looking at Barkbusters S1 or Touratech. Something that does not require too much bodging!Ta.

KTM handguards, black or orange, less than £50.00 inc. p+p.Phone KTM ant tell them what colour you want.
iandunmore2013-10-16 13:57:16

Ta . . . I did look at them but many different models. I’ll take some measurements.

Not sure of dimensions of V7 Bud BUT I got 2nd hand Stelvio ones to fit the V1000 without much hassle.

Just fitted Barkbusters S1 to a V7 Stone. Only requires l / h mirror bar clamp bolts to be loosened, not removed. I also decided to position the guards closer to the hands by drilling an extra hole in the plastic support bracket.

No hand guards but plenty to drool over or maybe ask Santa for.
http://www.baak-moto.fr/en/product-category/baak-your-motocyclette/moto-guzzi-en/v7-en/edit: Ha! Double http://!!

Mad Farquhar2013-10-18 16:32:37

404 File Not Found Attempt #2: http://www.baak-moto.fr/en/product-category/baak-your-motocyclette/moto-guzzi-en/v7-en/

Don’t think whitewalls suit the V7 somehow. Trying too hard maybe…

Trying to visualise white wall tyres on the Nero. Slimmer band of white wall would look quite interesting. Wouldn’t change the wheel diameter though. 16" would gear it down too much. Any PS experts out there who can mock it up?Sorry Roger - your thread has been well and truly hijacked!Â

Edit: these may fit with different dia bolts. They fit the Breva apparently - this info from Wildguzzi.
Mad Farquhar2013-10-19 02:55:34

The KTM hand guards that fit the Breva 750 are 6000207910030 that part number is for the black ones, there was an article in Gambalunga 2 or 3 years ago I bought Sue some and kept the packaging for reference
Regards Keith

As an aside the very best method I have found to fit bar end weights or the ends for hand guards is to junk the thing they all come with, that expandable bung and use the expanding rawlplug

Not only do they work very very well BUT if you ever have to loosen them a slight tap in when loose and they spring shut and can pull out

They also spread over a larger area so put less pressure on the bars they are a hell of aloy easier to screw a bolt into. DO not tighten them up till they squeak though or you will distort the bars, but then you can do that with the normal bung if you are a real neanderthal.