V7 Stone Maintenance


Come January/February I will be an ex-member, so unable to post here. I’ve struggled to find a single source of info on V7 maintenance tasks so will be starting to write my own (I have a bad memory). I’ll link to Picassa and my website (unless anyone objects) in case my efforts are of use to anyone.



First task as you see is a more secure method of lifting. Plan A is to get some angle iron and make a top carriage for the jack.

More to follow as I get on with it.


Hi Andy
I have a new V7 cafe racer special and love it to bits. Like you , I need to have an idea how to self maintenance or fault find . I am a 64 year old engineer so therefore am finding modern hi tech untrustworthy and illogical. The young rely on mobiles for all their solutions, until one is in a remote dead area!

You have a horrible web address for a chap like me to chat through. Possible for you to contact me on email please?

I live in Surrey  UK

Mike51green@ icloud.com

Thanks, Happy New Year, Â Mike

E-mail send.

I’ve started a bit of website here https://sites.google.com/site/threewheelguzzi/home that I will add to as I go.

For anyone who found Long Way Round funny: https://sites.google.com/site/pooratrek/moto-guzzi

Happy New Year