V7 Stone tyres

Would any of you Gentlemen and Ladies have an opinion on tyres for the V7 range?

The OEM Lasertec thingies are like greased Pneumats in the wet and aren’t going to make it to 5000 miles. My favourite Heidenau K60 isn’t available in the 18-inch front :cry: Cheers, Andy

Get 7,000+ out of BT45 on the rear and near double that on the front. Not the best in the wet but perfectly adequate.

Conti Go work well on my V7 Classic. Hated the OE Metz.
But tyres are a very personal thing…there’ll be many suggestions.Â

Second BT45s. Never had problems in the wet myself.Â

I fitted Michelin Pilot Activ after many interesting experinces taking the Metzs to seven thousand miles. The new 'uns are great in comparison and saved my life first ride out (full-on A-road emergency braking with the little bobbles shredding away). Durable too.

BT45’s. No problem in the wet or ice and get 10,000+ out of them.