V7 Uneven Slow Running

I stopped at the cafe where my daughter works on the way to work for my usual coffee a mile down the road from home. When I came out the engine was still warm and I got on and rode the 16 miles to work. On this trip the engine on tickover at lights etc. ran very unevenly increasing and decreasing the revs as if I were slowly opening and closing the throttle.
My assumption was that I had not let it run for a while prior to leaving the cafe as it seems to be ok today and on the return trip home.

Now, the other thing is that the engine is rather snatchy at low revs. A phenomena I assume is to do with the EFI.
I have a feeling there may be a chip or some mod possible to overcome this. Is this the case?

Hi Baldybiker,
I read your other post (Disenchanted) so I’m glad you’re a resolved bunny :slight_smile:

Anyways, that uneven running will be payback for only running one mile from cold. I’m guessinf the lambda sensor will have a coating of recondensed fuel on it and is sending dodgy data to the ECU.
Sorry to mess with your schedule, but the old tractor needs putting through a complete heat cycle every use. For engine longevity that will be a couple of miles with a 3 000rpm nominal redline, then another five to eight miles using the full range.
Now about the rough response at low revs. The mixture at small throttle opening is very lean to comply with Emissions. To rectify this I fitted a gizmo into the loop made by Finebau Forge which lets a little more fuel through and allows snatch-free slow riding. Find it on this Forum http://www.motoguzziclub.co.uk/phpbbforum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=20867 here. Works like a charm.

Have fun,


I fitted a FatDuc for same reason.

what brand of petrol do you use ?
Ihad problems with supermaket stuff. odd idling and weird things, dealer told me to use branded stuff, when I last changed my tank filter the inside of my fuel tank was spotless and my bike always rubns no problems, all origional as from factory
one other thing if the mileage has crept up it may need plugging into the diagnostic thingy and adjusting the settings

How odd, he smiled.
Thanks for all the info and advice.Â
Thanks Phil yes I am resolved, I think I must have been in a disenchanted place temporarily. someone else has mentioned the same gizmo, obviously I must get one, it sounds good.

Fortunately my trip to work is 16 miles and will suffice for the heat regime you describe.

I use BP mostly Glynn, to get the Nectar points you understand.

Fit the Fine Beau Forge item from Twiggers. If not sbsolutely delighted with 30 seconds of staring the engine afterwards you get your money back.
It does make that much difference.

I had similar problems with my Breva. Tried different fuels etc. In the end I fit the giizmo as Ian mentioned above. The bike was totally transformed from the first click of the starter and is so well mannered now, it’s actually a pleasure to ride.

finebeau fitted to my 2013 v7 racer for the last 5000 miles,improves slow running no end even my dealer said how nice it was in traffic when he did a road test after a service.