V75 Nevada ? fuel problem

My Nevada stopped with a failed battery - now, with a new battery it won’t start! New plugs fitted, good spark but plugs are completely dry. The fuel pump is running & the relays “clicking”
Battery was left disconected for 2 days if that makes any difference.
Any help gratefully received.

Fuel filter? See the thread “Have you got one of these in your tank”

Are the plugs wet?

Actually, I think I have had this. Have you tried holding the throttle open while cranking?

Kevin, read the original post properly before replying.good spark but plugs are completely dry

Looks like you need to get inside your tank to check hoses, filter etc.Good luck.

It would be a coincidence if the fuel hose blew off at exactly the same moment that the battery died and stopped the engine.However. look in the tank when you turn on the ignition. Can you see any fuel swishing around when the pump runs?

Yes the simple stuff first.My error.

Just a quick suggestion. Switch on the ignition and listen for the pump to run and then stop. If it doesn’t stop you’ve got a bust filter or a pipe off inside the tank.

Thanks guys - new filter ordered, I will report back when it’s fitted.

The new filter arrived & is now fitted (the old one -plastic & metal type was just about in one piece) so just as well it’s now been changed. However the fault was one of the hoses had come off the filter!!
Thank you all again for your help.

Nice to get a result.Out of interest, what year is the Nevada? Just trying to find out when Guzzi fitted those daft filters (made for use only with diesel BTW).