V75 SP

Bought a V75 SP and it was delivered today started fine and run very nice
took it for a ride - mile down road irts running good just entered island on a duel carrage way 4 big misfires and now we have a dead bike

help needed as don’t know one ota of the bike

are they point or electronic and where is it (think v50 was front of engine to burn wrists while playing with it )

no reserve on taps so I assume if the fuel light comes on it just a matter of fill it up - one tap has wires on it
where can I find full manual for it

regards ray

Have you turned the fuel on … Can you see anything in the tank?Don-Spada2014-06-15 20:46:07

yes fuel on and can see fuel slopping when you shake bike
going to drain and whip carbs off and clean

Try and find out how the fuel taps works before you go taking it apart. Most likely to be something simple. A mile down the road is probably just enough to use up the fuel left in the carbs.What year is it, they are sure to have the same taps on most bikes of that age.

1991 registered tap only turns 1/4 turn with on and off on it
will drain tank and check taps

All sorted
drained fuel as it was greenish and not much of petrol smell put in new ran better but still clogging plug remove the new NGK plugs (fitted in 2006 but only done 100 miles) fitted new plugs pushed the button imidiate start and steady tick over took for run all seems fine
not sure what it is with NGK these days but I cannot see anything wrong with the plugs but put them in its a matter of spinning engine over till it fires up (lot of spinning) with the pair I have fitted it hardly spins before firing up

from this I would advise anyone that has a misfire - one cylinder dodgy etc put a pair of plugs in for a start

the ignition has been replaced with a Rita unit and going to look into that as outside when testing for spark its impossible to see one (you can feel one) its a piss poor yellow weak spark
Ex smokingbiker2014-06-22 07:31:27

I have been recommisioning a v50 mk2 that wo’nt fire on the left hand cylinder like you I checked for a spark
all good, fuel all good, then I thought the new plugs were at fault, as you stated so changed the plugs left to right as this has happened to me before I am now running out of ideas and put easy start direct into the left hand cylinder still nothing I put a finger over the spark plug hole and spun the motor and it felt it had compression pulling my hair out now as I really need to finish this bike and get on with my own stuff so just to eliminate the obvious I did a compression test yep sure enough only 60 psi on l/h cyl will now have to remove cyl head and investigate but I though that even with only 60 psi it would still fire albeit not very good, bloody motorbikes don’t ya luv em !!
Mickmickandrita2014-06-22 11:43:17

60 is way to low I would be worried at below 90 psi bet its the rings stuck
happy hunting

Problem solved the carb float stuck shut so no fuel getting through,afterwards with the throttle open it was reading 120 psi doh!! I must be getting bloody old