v7ii ?immobiliser?

quick question as I change my insurance over to the v7ii( 2016), do they come with any form of factory fitted immobiliser?, Mrs Carole Nash sure to ask!

That’ll be a no idea?

I don’t have a V7 so sorry I don’t know, try contacting your local dealer or waiting for a reply on here, there are a lot of V7 owners in the club.

Had a look on Stein Dinse website where they have free parts list but only for the Mk1 V7 2009 on. The Ignition Switch appears to be just that. I do remember that my Son’s Vespa GT250ie had an Aerial as part of the Ignition Switch and had dire warnings about not losing the “Master Key”. If you don’t have a "Master Key " with the same instructions for it’s care then you could probably assume yours doesn’t have an Immobiliser, unless someone with a MK2 comes along as says different.

Hi Oldtag, The V7II handbook has no mention of an immobiliser … The thick black “Use & Maintenance book”, the dealer will have supplied with your bike, has an English chapter towards the back … On page 44 of this section it states … “NOTE … The key activates the ignition switch / steering lock, The fuel tank cap lock and the saddle lock” … No mention at all of an immobiliser … Regards, Tony

According to what I’ve read on net no V7’s have an immobiliser, not even the mk II!

thanks, yep youre right immobiliser negatori

The Guzzi badge on the tank usualy keeps them away to be honest !!!

I thought that about MZs but was sadly proved wrong.

The little bikes are probably easier to sell on.