V7ii Special. Suspension query.

My wife as passenger finding the ride very harsh. How far can I reduce pre-load and what are the consequences of reducing too far? Or, should I also be changing to lighter weight fork oil? Any advice please.Â

to reduce the spring preload on the rear shocks you unscrew the lock nut compressing the springs evenly on both shocks . If you reduce spring load to much you will find the bike goes light on the front with a tendency to run wide in corners or weave. I don’t think there is another adjustment on either front or rear suspension’

I had the same problem with my V7 Stone. My wife found it very uncomfortable, but then I was down grading from a California Vintage!

My solution, eventually (it took two years!) was to change the bike. If they could make it comfy and possibly a bit more powerful I’d have another one like a shot,



My lil’Breva has the C nuts about 10mm from the bottom and it works well.
There is no other adjustment except possibly dropping the front forks through the yokes if it starts to wallow. I would follow 8 Valve Eagle though and harden it back up.
I am at present playing the same game with the Bellagio.

Before you change anything, is it all set up for 2-up riding as specified in the manual, including tyre pressures?

Have you had it from new, or has a previous owner been fiddling? (I bought a Breva 750 with rock-hard forks: massive spacers had been added! It was much better with them removed…)

If all else fails, talk to Hagon Suspension, or a specialist like MH Suspension in Wiltshire, who sorted my VT1000 by swapping springs and damping washers in the forks and shocks.

Good luck!

Had bike from new and idly wondered if it might improve with mileage. (naive or what) Suspension set about middle compression and tyre pressures correct. Thanks for thoughts so far.

My V7 Classic had 17 threads showing beneath the bottom of the locknut. I have released the spring  compression so it now has 9. I have ridden it only a little since the change so will need to do a few more miles before  deciding if it needs tightening back up a bit or is OK.

Guzzis work well with soft rear suspension, 9 threads sounds about what I have on my lil’Breva.
It was set up by Brian Peck who must weigh 5 stone less than myself, I haven’t changed it.
I know people slag off the oe shockers but mine are fine, or maybe I am too crap a rider to know any better.

Surely it’s as much to do with the damping as it is the preload? Can you adjust the damping on the 750? If not, the first place I would start is with some good quality replacement shocks.

I’ve only had 4 Guzzis but my Stelvio is the first one I’ve owned that I’ve not needed to change the rear suspension on. Just a thought :slight_smile:


I agree the V7 II Special rear suspension is rock hard. Altering the preload will not change this - it is the damping that causes the harshness and it is not adjustable on the cheap standard shocks. The hard saddle doesn’t help either.
The answer, I’m afraid, is to invest in a pair of decent shocks. I bought a pair of Koni dial-a-rides from Ebay. These have three preload and four damping settings. What a difference! Much more compliant and you are sure to find a setting that suits you no matter what you weigh. I fitted them in an hour or so and you don’t need a centre stand - just do them one at a time! You’ll need a stubby allen key for the bolt at the bottom of the right hand shock.
Believe me they are well worth the money. If you are still not satisfied Koni will rebuild them to your specification.
I do hope you persevere, the V7 is such a great bike.
Next on my list is to sort out the saddle!

many thanks for this. Do I need to know such things as spring length or shocker length? By the by I have a gel seat to fit if you want to consider that!

I always find it amusing that the V7 Stone had (has?) only one thread topical aftermarket item on the Guzzi website!

edit: no, it’s the same with the mk II I see …