V7iii Gearbox output shaft seal

Hi, has anyone any experience of changing the gearbox output shaft oil seal on V7 iii? Mines leaking and I can’t find any information on how to change it. It looks from the part’s diagram that the seals on the inside of the casing and would require a complete engine out and gearbox stripdown. Is that right?

Would you share that drawing with us. Sounds hard to believe, but… thye’re Italians:>

No.18 on the diagram

I dare to say, bearing’s OD is the seat, but seal’s OD goes through the casings, that’s the rule. In your case fussy mechanic would be forced to replace some paper seals, and bearings too, just because of seal replacement. To get there, you have to remove swingarm anyway; then, with some visual help, you’ll get the measurement of seal’s OD as seen in rubber(eg. 32x45x7) and as measured in alloy, and then compare both. It is not that hard to pull the seal towards you with a sort of hook with handle. But first, I would pay some attention to a gearbox breather, it might be that seal is OK, but pressure build-up causes all that - and then new seal will make no difference.

Thanks for that. I’ve ordered the seal anyway and hopefully you’re right and I can pull it out from the outside of the casing. I’ve got a set of seal pullers somewhere. I’ll check the breather first as you suggest, just in case it’s that.

Breather was clear, seals arrived, so hopefully will get started on it this week.